Marking a Milestone

The Revere Cares Coalition is 20 years old and is needed as much today as when it originally was started in 1997.

The coalition had as its initial goal a reduction in the alarming increase at that time of tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana use among Revere teens, especially those in the middle schools. Through hard work and multi-faceted programs, the numbers of teens using these harmful substances soon began a downward trend.

In 2007, the Coalition expanded its work to address the rise in local obesity rates.

As health issues keep expanding, so does the role of Revere Cares.  The organization has been fortunate to have great local participation on its board and two superb executive directors, starting with Kitty Bowman, who ran the organization until 2014, and now Sylvia Chiang.

The dinner last Thursday night was a reflection of the accomplishments of the organization and the health challenges that they are facing today, especially opioid abuse.

The bottom line is that our community is not so much different than many other communities in terms of the problems of drug use and obesity afflicting our children.  However, unlike other communities, we are not just talking about these problems, but putting into place programs to deal with these issues.

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