Big Things to Come for Revere Parks & Recreation in 2018: Making Revere Fun for All Ages

By Mayor Brian Arrigo and Michael Hinojosa, Director of Revere Parks and Recreation 

This is the second of a pair of articles highlighting the achievements of Revere Parks and Recreation in 2017 and introducing more of what’s to come in 2018.

Last week’s article details the steps Revere Parks and Recreation took to become a better department in 2017. Student feedback resulted in a record expansion of the summer camp program; the addition of a free weekly Video Game Club; monthly Friday Night Open Gym; an intramural High School Basketball League; and the opening of a Teen Center.

But as excited as we are about everything we achieved in 2017, we know that we can always do more. As long as there are students or parents in Revere who don’t feel like there is a program for them, we must do more. Thanks to this administration’s willingness to invest in staff and facilities, we will take more steps forward in 2018, so that we can continue to make this city fun and safe for people of all ages.


***Elementary and Middle School Track & Field Program***

This coming Spring, the Parks and Recreation Department, in conjunction with the Track and Field coaches at Revere High School, will be launching an all-new afterschool track & field program. Our Track and Field team will hold practices or meets at least twice a week at Harry Della Russo Stadium until the end of the school year. The program will feature events for everyone, including long distance running, sprinting, and most field events like Shot Put and Long Jump. This coed program will be an affordable afterschool activity that should attract hundreds of students from March to June. This will be part of our ongoing effort to add a more diverse array of sports programming in the years to come.


***Revere Teen Involvement


As we discussed last week, this past fall we initiated a by teens, for teens program that features three Revere High School interns planning and implementing activities for kids their own age. These interns makeup the Revere Teen Involvement Committee and they will be implementing a number of new activities for teenagers in the coming months. These activities will include an RHS Field Day, citywide middle school dance, basketball tournament and daily leagues and contests at the Teen Center.


***Outdoor Basketball***

Get ready for some hoop as we will be rolling out a number of summer basketball programs for all ages. From free Friday clinics to an outdoor middle and high school league, this summer the rec will be expanding its basketball offerings to include residents of all ages and more activities at night.


***Adult Softball***

In addition to the many youth activities we added in 2017 and plan to add in 2018, we will also be adding something for adults that we are particularly excited about. In the spring we will be re-launching adult softball in Revere. For years, Revere hosted a successful league for men and women; Hill Park was one of the most popular spots for softball in Greater Boston. Although Hill Park is gone, the league is going to be revived. The Spring/Summer of 2018 will see the return of adult softball to the City of Revere after close to a decade hiatus. This will be a co-ed league and games will be played on weeknights on the Fields at Griswold Park (St. Mary’s)



The key to all of our programs, both new and old, is participation – and participation in these programs does not take place without communication with residents. In 2017 we concentrated our efforts on improving and expanding our digital communication platforms. This included bringing back the department’s Instagram and Twitter accounts; while also implementing a new text message service connecting us directly with residents. In 2018 we will be focusing on more grassroots strategies like one-on-one registration at events and the installation of new outdoor message boards in common areas like the Fields at Griswold Park or Harry Della Russo Stadium. Regardless of how you choose to stay in touch with us, we urge each and every reader to find Revere Parks and Recreation on your favorite platform and check in to stay up to date. We will continue to work hard on your behalf but we will always need your help with staying in touch and spreading the word about everything we do!

We firmly believe that a thriving, vibrant recreation department is a key component in making a city livable, fun, and safe. From drop-in and play opportunities for toddlers, to leagues for middle school and high school students, to recreational programming for adults like co-ed softball and summer concerts, we want to be a community resource for residents of all ages. We made strides toward this in 2017, and will work even harder in 2018 to make that vision a reality.

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