The Good Diner Thanksgiving: A Revere Tradition

Story and photos by Marianne Salza

Pictured above, Saber Abougalala and his wife, Shimaa,sons, Adam and Abdel, and daughter, Hana, with First Congregational Church volunteers
Lara Booth, and Pamela M.Anderson.

Giving to others, especially strangers in need, brings Saber Abougalala deep joy. The Good Diner owner not only presented his employees with turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner, but also, knocked on neighbors’ doors, surprising them with turkeys before sharing a traditional Thanksgiving meal with his family.

“I do it from the bottom of my heart. Everybody deserves a nice turkey dinner,” said Abougalala. “I am proud to do it. It means a lot to me to give to people I don’t know. I will keep continuing.”

For six years, Abougalala has been donating Thanksgiving dinner to the First Congregational Church, serving turkey and the trimmings to more than 100 parishioners.

“The community needs this. There is a large population of people who aren’t able to have their own Thanksgivings or don’t have family,” said organizer, Lara Booth, who is inspired by the generosity of her grandfather, Senior Pastor Nick Granitsas. “Having a place to gather on Thanksgiving is important.”

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