Congratulations to the RHS Football Team

“Upon the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that, upon other fields, on other days will bear the fruits of victory.” — General Douglas MacArthur

The scintillating 17-14 victory by the Revere High football team over archival Winthrop on Thanksgiving Day will live forever in the annals of Revere High athletic history.

Although we often feel that sports is given too much attention in our country, the young athletes who took to the field on Thanksgiving Day represented the best of what Revere High students and our community in general are all about.

Playing before the biggest crowd of the season, which filled the stands on both sides of Winthrop’s new Miller Field and surrounded the field’s perimeter fencing three-deep, coach Lou Cicatelli’s Patriots performed with poise, strength, and sportsmanship.

So too, the Revere High cheerleaders, students, and fans in attendance set an outstanding example for the residents of our community with their enthusiasm and good behavior.

Football is a unique game in that on every snap of the ball, all 11 players have to be working together in order to achieve the desired result. There can be no slacking on the gridiron, because your teammates will let you know it — and that is why General MacArthur noted that the lessons of teamwork and hard work that are learned on the football field will shape the future of young athletes in whatever they do in the years ahead.

We congratulate coach Lou Cicatelli and his team for their second straight win over Winthrop on Thanksgiving Day — a feat not achieved by a Revere team since the 1973-74 squads — and we thank them for representing their city and their school in such exemplary fashion.

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