Police Briefs 11-15-2017

Revere Police NEWS


Revere Police are investigating the non-fatal shooting of a man on Shirley Avenue around 7 p.m. on Monday.

Police responded when the ShotSpotter went off and several reports of gunshots came into dispatch. Officers responded to the 100th block of Shirley Avenue and found a 25-year-old victim suffering from three gunshots to his lower extremities.

He was rushed to the hospital with serious, but not life-threatening, injuries.

Police said the shooting was not random, but they have not made any arrests. It remains under investigation.



One woman who was a regular customer at Karla’s Market attempted to rob the store with a ski mask and BB gun, only later removing the mask and saying it was just a Halloween prank.

The incident took place at the Shirley Avenue market on Nov. 6 around 10:30 p.m., and police are setting up a hearing a Chelsea Court to figure out whether it was just a bad joke or a true robbery.

The woman entered the store and showed the replica BB gun while wearing a mask – demanding all the money. The clerk said she recognized the woman’s voice because she was a regular customer. The clerk was scared and fled yelling that she was being robbed.

That drew a crowd of people and it prompted the so-called robber to remove the mask and state  it was all just a joke.

She left the area, but was found later by police. She told them it was a Halloween prank.

Police are investigating.



One UPS driver on his route along Neponset Street last Weds., Nov. 8, likely saved the life of a young man who had overdosed in his parked car.

Around 5:44 p.m., the driver was making a delivery at a home when he recognized a driver slumped over the wheel. On closer examination, the young man seemed to be overdosing. The UPS driver called police, who responded and administered Narcan to the young man.

He was revived.

“Had that UPS driver not called 9-1-1, I don’t know if that person would be around today,” said Lt. Amy O’Hara.



Revere Police are investigating a sudden death that is likely tied to an opiate overdose.

Around 5 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 12, police responded to Lee’s Trailer Park and found the man deceased. Toxicology reports are being done to determine the exact cause.



One man described as a fugitive and having warrants from as far away as Atlanta, was arrested last Wednesday, Nov. 8, around 8 p.m. – with living conditions so remarkably bad that a child in the home was taken to safe refuge.

Police received a call for a suspected child abuse situation on Sumner Street and found a boy playing with a dog. However, inside the home, living conditions were so horrible and in such disarray that police filed a report with the Department of Children and Families – which took custody of the child.

A further check on the male in the home revealed fugitive warrants from Boston and Atlanta.

Kevin Brewington, 31, of Sumner Street, was charged with being a fugitive from justice.

Weekly Crime Report

Journal Staff Reports

House Breaks: (0)

Commercial Breaks: (0)

Motor Vehicle *Thefts/Breaks: (3)

*Jones Road; *Charger Street – Exeter House; and *Revere.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: (40)

Brown Circle (4); Mahoney Circle (2); Copeland Circle (2); Derby/Malden; Beach Street; North Shore Rd/Revere; Beach Street; Broadway; Park Avenue; Malden/Washington; Hy-Sil/Prospect; North Shore Rd/Revere; Bennington Street; Tuckerman Street; Squire Road; North Shore Rd; Boulevard; Lee Burbank Hwy; Fowler Avenue; Lee Burbank Hwy; Squire Road; Revere/North Shore Rd; Broadway; Squire Road; North Shore Rd/Wolcott; Parkman Place; American Legion Hwy; Squire Road; Squire Road; Washington/Park; Squire Road; Bruno/Washington; Mountain Avenue; Broadway; and Squire Road.

House Parties/Loud Stereo Complaints (after 9 p.m.): 8




Jesus S. Chavez, 31, of Mattapan, was arrested on an outstanding warrant and on a charge of illegal possession of a Class D controlled narcotic substance with intent to distribute.




Augusto R. Soto, 44, of 108 Kimball Ave., was arrested on a charge of assault & battery in a domestic situation.

Abdullah Kaoukab, 51, of 1123 Revere Beach Parkway was arrested on a charge of indecent assault & battery upon a person over the age of 14.

A 17 year old juvenile was arrested on a charge of shoplifting.

Kevin M. Brewington, 31, of 23 Sumner St., was arrested on a fugitive from justice warrant.

Benjamin E. Daniels, 49, of Southborough, was arrested on a charge of shoplifting.




Francis Forsyth, 18, of Malden, was arrested on two outstanding warrants.

Stephen Anthony Vidal, 23, of Malden, was arrested on charges of providing false identifying information to an arresting officer while operating a motor vehicle and operating a motor vehicle after his right to operate had been suspended.




Thomas Roarke, 56, of RevBryan Martinez, 32, of Lynn, was arrested on charges of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of liquor and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. He also was cited for the civil motor vehicle infractions of a marked lanes violation and a lights violation.

Deybi Platero, 26, of 101 Florence Ave., was arrested on charges of assault & battery in a  domestic situation, causing malicious destruction of property in an amount greater than $250, resisting arrest, and making a threat to commit a crime.

Adam Correa, 43, of 169 Arnold St., was arrested on charges of assault & battery in a domestic situation and strangulation.

Leticia Braga Faraco, 22, of Malden, was arrested on a  charge of uno;rinsed operation of a motor vehicle. She also was cited for the civil motor vehicle infraction of failing to stop for a traffic control sign.

Garnett Brenden, 34, of Boston, was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Sean Walsh, 48, of 388 Ocean Ave., was arrested on charges of assault & battery and assault & battery in a domestic situation.




James P. Prendable, 49, of 9 John Mooney Rd., was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Jason A. Watson, 32, of 418 Revere Beach Parkway, was arrested on two outstanding warrants.

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