Question and Answer Forum for Candidates for City Council Ward 1

The Revere Journal has asked each candidate for Ward 1 the following question: Suffolk Downs Race Track is mostly in Ward 1, and its redevelopment is projected to take 15 years.  What legislation will you be advancing to make sure that Ward 1 residents do not experience a nightmare of traffic, noise and other construction impacts?   The following are their responses:

Ward 1 needs better planning for traffic and foot-traffic

 By Councillor Joanne McKenna

I whole-heartedly support the redevelopment of Suffolk Downs. WhiIe it’s unclear just what that redevelopment may be, it will have a potentially large impact on traffic. But this provides an opportunity to work alongside developers for traffic improvements, mutually beneficial to their employees, customers and most importantly the residents of Ward One and Revere.

You don’t need to be an expert to see some obvious traffic and safety issues can be immediately addressed. For example, the Furlong Drive/Thomasello Way intersection by Wendy’s exiting the Target/Stop & Shop Shopping center is the site of many accidents due in large part to a simple lack of a stop sign exiting the shopping center or marked lanes on Thomasello Drive.

The foot traffic around Beachmont Station is consistently problematic and unsafe. Crossing signals and crosswalks are ignored, causing gridlock and dangerous situations. That high volume is overwhelmingly associated with the T station, so I’d suggest the MBTA has a responsibility to provide an officer to regulate safe foot traffic.

A few solutions I’m currently working for include a plan to create a Winthrop Avenue bus pull-off near the T to alleviate traffic, an additional 119 bus stop from Beachmont Station to the Stop & Shop/Target plaza to decrease the pedestrian flow to/from the area and the possibility of creating two by-pass roads from Beachmont allowing residents access from Beachmont Station to Suffolk Downs Station or Revere Beach Parkway.

The biggest, long-term solution needed is Donnelly Square – there’s constant gridlock where Crescent Avenue meets Bennington Street, the traffic lights are too short, crossing signals/crosswalks are ignored leading to dangerous and traffic-halting situations and the island median closest to Dunkin’ Donuts should be extended to prevent customers leaving their lot  from crossing Bennington obstructing traffic in both directions.

I have more detailed plans to present to the council that I believe will effectively free up Donnelly Square. No matter what comes to Suffolk Downs, I shall continue to push these projects, plans and ideas, and present them for legislation and keep moving forward to improve quality of life for Ward One.

Looking to advance legislation to resolve noise issues

By Cheryl Whittredge

I would advance legislation to resolve environmental issues, such as traffic noise and reconstruction impacting our community in Ward 1.

My duty to my constituents is to advocate. What is possible is to meditate through the City Council. by having designated meetings on Revere zoning regulations and meetings with HYM developers.

As a former candidate previously on ballot for Ward 1, I presented my concerns and  advantages regarding Suffolk Downs and the former Shaw’s land.

We also need to keep in mind, while attractive and moving forward in economic development, the issues become present and strain in our ward.

I would welcome a productive relationship with council and responsible authorities.

What is beneficial to our residents in our ward and how our great city can prosper.

Traffic and reconstructing roads, which create traffic and noise, would be addressed to alleviate an impact on residents in surrounding communities.

Again continuous developments create these issues:. How to regulate noise pollution, and implement through perspective insight and proper department oversight.

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