Cops for Kids with Cancer to Receive $30,000 Check Raised by the RPD in Memory of Officer Daniel Talbot

The Revere Police presented Cops for Kids with Cancer a $30,000 check in memory of Officer Daniel Talbot’s 10th year anniversary.  The fundraiser was held on September 29, at the Casa Lucia in Revere. A local Revere family already received $5,000 dollars from the charity on the night of this fundraiser.

Cops for Kids with Cancer is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization focuses on raising funds to provide assistance to families of children fighting cancer, to improve their quality of life. Funds that are raised go to people directly involved in the care of children with cancer, with each family typically receiving $5,000. There are many organizations raising money for important research, Cops for kids with Cancer goal is to help the children and their caregivers through this most difficult crisis in their life.

Revere Police Detective David Caramanica who organized the event stated, “It was a great night all around. To honor the memory of Police Officer Dan Talbot and knowing that we raised enough money in one night to donate to six families is very humbling.”

Chief James Guido stated, “It is truly an honor to be the Chief of such dedicated and caring members of this department. Cops for Kids with Cancer is an outstanding organization and I am so proud of the Revere Police Department and the Officers that organized this event.

The amount of money raised $30,000.00 is remarkable and will allow the Cops for Kids with Cancer Organization to help so many families in a time of need. This was a great way to honor the memory of Officer Daniel Talbot.

Thank you to Officer David Caramanica, Billy Soto and Joe Internicola who were co organizers of the event.  Other members of the department that volunteered that night are as follows:  Renee Kephart, Kenny Bruker, John Gibson, Rob Impemba, Joe Duca, Karol Monsalve, Daryle Lamonica, Stacey Bruzzese and Nick Fantasia.  We had a few of the wives and some of Officer Caramanica’s close friends who helped also.

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