Election Day is Near

Election Day on Nov. 7 should bring out a large voter turnout.  Every seat on both the City Council and School Committee is being contested.  There are no free passes for elected officials this year.

The fact that every elected seat is being contested shows that civic responsibility is very much alive and well in Revere.

Tens of thousands of hours have been spent and are being spent up until Election Day by the candidates seeking office to get their messages out to the voters.

Starting with this issue and continuing for the next issue, the Journal staff has complied questions geared toward every race from Ward Council to the School Committee races.

We urge our readers to look over the varied solutions to the single issue in the schools that the candidates have put forth to move Revere forward on Pages 8 and 9 of this week’s newspaper.

Civic responsibility is a two-edge sword.  First, it takes residents willing to give up their time from their families to campaign for office. Secondly, a large turnout of informed voters is needed to go out and cast their ballots on Election Day.

The first criteria has been met.  We know that the second part can be met if residents take just a few minutes to do their civic responsibility and vote on Nov. 7.

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