Announcing for Office

Terminiello Jr. announces candidacy for School Comm.

Al Terminiello, Jr. has announced his candidacy for the Revere School Committee.  The following is his statement:

Born on November 13, 1953 to Barbara (Frye) and Albert J. Terminiello Sr. Attending Abraham Lincoln School, Garfield Jr. High and Revere High School, graduating Class of 1971.

Al is the father of two daughters, Jennifer and Jodi, and a grandfather of five, Brandon, Ashley, Anthony, Samantha and Domenic.

Al is known for his dedication to the seniors of Revere, and is credited for co-founding the Revere Veterans Committee and Veterans Scholarship Fund. He served on the founding board of Revere TV and was elected as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors for three years.  Al is a Past President of the Revere Chamber of Commerce serving two separate terms. Al has been associated with the Revere League for Special Needs for 50 years, bringing dignity and education to these very special friends. Terminiello is an avid supporter for Revere SEPAC and other special needs groups across the area.  Earning the rank Eagle Scout and becoming a 32nd degree Master Mason, a two-time Past Master of Robert Lash Lodge AF & AM and an Aleppo Temple Shriner. Al has followed the beliefs of serving the community all his life, and this year, after10 years, Al has brought the Revere League and SEPAC together for the first time and plans are in progress for more combined activities, both educational and social.

After graduating RHS in 1971 Terminiello attended the New England Institute of Mortuary Science and obtained his state embalming license and served Revere in this capacity for many years. Worked as a forensic photographer for the Suffolk County Medical Examiners Office for 8 years and was selected as one of the top 25 crime scene photographers in the country by the Eastman Kodak Company in 1975. Terminiello left the ME’s Office in 1980, attended and graduated from Sylvania Electronics Technical School and became an Electronics Sr. Field Engineer for the Siemens /Nixdorf Corporation. His work involved traveling around the country working on mainframe computer systems. Again being recognized as a leader in this field, establishing new techniques in field service repairs of laser fusion printers. Coming back to Revere in 1993 as a photojournalist and later a founding partner for the Independent Newspaper Group and now is the lead photographer for the Advocate Newspapers, covering Revere in a fashion second to none, using his ability and knowledge of his city to keep residents informed and up to date to this day.

Al is currently employed with the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety, in the E-911 Division, aiding people with multiple disabilities around the state. This program brings a new world of communication back to many people that because of their disability have been unable to keep in touch with relatives and friends, as well as emergency services needed to sustain their lives.

Keeping with his interest in public safety and community concerns, Terminiello completed a 22-week course in Constitutional Law and police procedures. Following his father’s Revere Police career, he joined the Revere Auxiliary Police Department over10 years ago, and has just recently retired from duty.

Al Terminiello Jr. has put Revere as his first priority, in all aspects. government, veterans, public safety and of course education. Developing the Revere Veteran’s Scholarship Fund and numerous other activities aimed towards the students of Revere of all ages. Al is well known by students of all grades for over 30 years. He has promoted good conduct and professionalism in his daily activities. Volunteering his positive and upbeat attitude and vast resources to help anyone in anyway. Seeing the need for more funds to aid RHS graduates attend higher learning facilities, Al wants to add more scholarship funds to aid our future community leaders. Safety is also a great concern, to the students as well as teachers and faculty members. Wanting more police presence and stricter penalties for harsh violations of public safety regulations. For these reasons and countless more, Al Terminiello Jr. needs your vote on November 7 for the prestigious position as a member of the Revere School Committee. Safeguarding your most valuable possession, your children.

Guinasso announces for re-election as Ward 3 Councillor

Arthur Guinasso has announced for re-election as Ward 3 Councillor.  The following is his statement:

“I am very pleased to announce that I am running for re-election for Ward 3 Councillor. I’ve made this decision based on my lifelong love for Revere and the encouragement of my constituents asking me to run for re-election. It is an honor to serve for the city of Revere, mainly the Ward 3 residents.

I am a Revere High School graduate, who later was educated at Bentley College majoring in business finance and accounting. After attending Bentley I went to work at the Massachusetts General Hospital and the New England Organ Bank. At MGH I was a Research Financial Grant Manager and was the Chief Accountant at the New England Organ Bank. At MGH my responsibilities included the oversight of the Neurology and Neurosurgery Departments with over $600 million in research funding. While at the New England Organ Bank I was responsible for all financial matters. Currently, I am the business manager at Broadway Physical Therapy in Revere.

I’ve been married to Linda Benedict Guinasso for 54 years and have three children Arthur, Kim and Karin. I have four grandchildren Domenic, Jimmy, Arianna and the late Travis Guinasso. We enjoy family gatherings especially celebrating all holidays and birthdays together.

Over the years I’ve belonged to many organizations throughout the city. I am currently a member of the Revere Knights of Columbus, Loyal Order of Moose, Revere Chamber of Commerce and I am a past president of the Holy Name at St. Anthony’s Church. Former member of the Revere Beach Citizen Advisory and the Revere Beach design review board.

I work relentlessly to give our young children a good start in life. I have achieved this by being actively involved with the planning of the New Whelan and Susan B. Anthony Schools, the Rumney Marsh Academy, the Paul Revere School and the James J. Hill Elementary School. I was on the committee and participated in the construction to build the new Lincoln School playground.

Public safety projects that I was a part of is the addition of one new police station, two new fire stations, and several pieces of fire apparatus were purchased. To improve our neighborhoods a new water and sewer line were installed. Streets and sidewalks have been repaired and there are many more to follow. Several new DPW trucks have been purchased as well 2 new asphalt hot boxes. The hot boxes will help fill the unsightly potholes in our city. Coming soon there will be a new DPW building.

Always working hand in hand with our seniors within the community. I held a crime watch meeting at Adams Court and am planning more. I attend all meetings at Friendly Gardens so I can take care of all city matters and on many occasions I do the same at the Rossetti Cowan Senior Center. Doing these things ensures the safety of our seniors. I am so pleased that the PACE Health Center for our seniors over the age of 55 will be right here in Ward 3.

Fortunately with the income from new growth it will enable us to do such projects:

The redevelopment at Suffolk Downs has the potential to have the state of the art marketplace like Assembly Row. A long shot but still being discussed to be in this spot is the which will provide jobs and financial investment of over $5 billion.

Most recently, the City Council rezoned the old NECCO site to enable the use of robotics companies to be able to come to Revere. It will allow for advanced product manufacturing, research and development, biomedical facilities, technology warehousing and distribution activities.

Going forward we look at the future growth at the old Wonderland Greyhound Park site.

In conclusion, it’s a great honor and privilege to serve the citizens in Ward 3 and the city of Revere. I’m looking forward to continue to be a voice of reason at the council. I am always working for you.”

Tye announces candidacy for re-election to School Comm.

Carol Tye has announced for re-election to the School Committee.  A former superintendent of Revere Schools, the following is her statement:

“As a lifelong resident of Revere, I have devoted my life and career to the Revere Public Schools. For 35 years I was a teacher of English (and union officer/negotiator) at Revere High School, became superintendent of schools for six years, was elected to the School Committee in 2001, and have served continuously since that time.

And after all these years, I am still passionate about the Revere Public Schools.

There is so much to be proud of:  technology to provide student-centered learning in “flipped” classrooms; classroom teachers accepting leadership opportunities, partnering in cutting-edge statewide programs; student achievement in science and history fairs, writing and poetry contests; teamwork in academics and athletics; community service right here in Revere.

RHS graduates attend prestigious colleges that range alphabetically from  Boston College, Boston University, Georgetown and Hamilton, to MIT, Princeton,  UPenn, Wellesley, and Yale.

We have been acknowledged as “the Best Urban District in the State” and recognized as a model for the State and the entire country. Now I cannot take credit for all these successes, but I have always supported, in every way that I could, those who do the very hard yet wonderful work with our children.

Our students’ success brings credit not only to themselves and their parents, but to their kindergarten through grade 12 teachers and administrators, to the School Committee and the City Council, and to the citizens who have supported them throughout their school lives.  Our kids have been supported by visionary leaders – first among them, Dr. Dianne Kelly – and a collaborative spirit throughout the city.

But we do have challenges.  Although I share the enormous pride of our community in the five new schools that we’ve built – a plan which originated in my administration in 1999 – I know that we can’t stop there. As our population continues to grow, we expect our schools to become increasingly crowded. We already have classrooms with 29 pupils.

The only way to continue to maximize achievement in the RPS is to provide classrooms with small enough numbers so that teachers can implement strategies that assure academic and social success. What we need is more classrooms to put teachers in.

We need a new High School.

The State will not pay us to improve the existing building; they have told us that our community and our kids deserve what other surrounding cities and towns are providing: a state-of-the-art center for learning.

We have also been informed that without a new facility, RHS will not be accredited.

That’s a huge challenge. I accept any challenge – as I did when I was a teacher, a union officer/negotiator, the superintendent of schools, or a member of the School Committee.

I have the historical knowledge, the experience, the energy and the passion to continue to serve.

Please consider me for one of your votes for the Revere School Committee.”

Powers announces bid for re-election as Ward 5 Councillor

Ward 5 City Councillor John Powers announces candidacy for re-election.  The following is his statement:

“Greetings. My name is John Powers, and it has been my distinct honor to represent the citizens of Ward 5 on the Revere City Council for many years. Today, I am proud to announce my candidacy for re-election to the Ward 5 Council seat. I am grateful beyond words for the trust you have placed in me over the years. I humbly ask for your support again, so that I may continue to serve you and that we may, together, continue the progress we have begun in the great city of Revere.

Please allow me to tell you a little bit about myself and some of the accomplishments of which I’m proudest. I am a lifelong Revere resident, a homeowner, and a taxpayer. I have been elected by colleagues to three terms as President of the City Council and one term as Vice President of the Council. As well, I have been appointed to five terms as Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, which takes a leading role in setting the city’s annual budget, and two terms as Chairman of the Public Safety Committee, which has the important function of providing oversight of the Police and Fire Departments.

I pride myself in serving as full-time City Councilor. I enjoy spending every day working on an important issue or providing constituent services. If you see fit to re-elect me, I pledge to continue to be accessible to all of our citizens, easily reachable and responsive to anyone who needs assistance, has a question or concern, or just wants his or her voice heard.

Thus far in 2017, I’ve been pleased to secure tangible results on several issues that are important to us: My vision to have Oak Island Park restored became reality; I pushed for the redesign renovation of Butler Circle, which was just successfully completed; and my unyielding calls for the demolition of the abandoned Wonderland Park race track – which had become a safety hazard and an eyesore and which has been taking up valuable commercial real estate – resulted in that work getting underway at that site.

Indeed, I have made important issues a priority throughout my tenure on the City Council, stretching back long before this current term. Some of the accomplishments of which I am proudest are as follow.

I vehemently supported, from the idea’s conception, the creation of a surcharge on car rentals to generate revenue for Revere. As a result, over the years our city has received several million dollars, which has funded the new, much-needed public safety complex on Revere Beach Parkway.

I also strongly supported the city’s school building program, including construction of the new Paul Revere School and the Rumney Marsh Academy, providing our children with modern, state-of-the art education facilities in which to learn.

I spearheaded the push for major drainage improvements on Arcadia, York, Argyle, and Ellerton Streets, and an improved sewer line at the rear of Revere Beach Boulevard. I also ensured that the city re-lined several thousand feet of sewer mains in Ward 5, an important project to keep our sewer system operating properly.

I successfully pushed for new water mains on the Boulevard, and on Rice Avenue and Arcadia Street, to provide increased water pressure for residents of those streets.

I also worked successfully for construction of a new sewerage pump station on John Avenue, improvements to the Jackson Street pump station, and the construction of twin culverts under Sagamore and Shawmut streets, to alleviate flooding and sewage flow problems.

To further alleviate storm water flooding in our neighborhoods, I advocated for the restoration of the Oak Island salt marsh, which created more than five acres of natural storm water storage.

I also attacked the flooding problem through zoning changes by spearheading a prohibition on construction of multiple family homes on 3,000 square lots in flood zones, thereby eliminating a building practice that put further stress on areas prone to flooding.

I advocated for the reconstruction of the northern section of Revere Beach Boulevard, from Revere Street to Carey Circle.

Additionally, I worked to create a Quiet Zone on Revere Beach Boulevard, so that our families and senior citizens may enjoy the beach free from loud music and disturbances.

These are a few of the many issues I fought for on behalf of the citizens of Ward 5 and the entire city. There are many other issues, projects, and improvements for which we must still fight in the years ahead.

Revere is at an exciting time in its history. With numerous new projects and initiatives either underway or on the verge of reaching fruition, we are a crossroads. The direction we take and the choices we make in the coming years will determine whether we reach our great economic, commercial, and civic potential. In order to reach that potential, our city needs visionary, creative, and disciplined leadership.

I believe my record and experience, my leadership qualities and tireless work ethic, and my vision for continued progress in economic development, education, public safety, and capital improvements, make me ideally positioned to continue to serve you and this city. I humbly ask you, Ward five residents, for your vote on Tuesday, November 7.

Dimple Rana announces for Councillor at-Large

Dimple Rana has announced her candidacy for Councillor at-Large. The following is her statement:

My name is Dimple Rana and I am a candidate for Councillor- At-Large. I am proud to be building my campaign on experience, education, and deep understanding of the issues facing Revere. All these and more, make me uniquely qualified to represent the many voices of the city and move forward as One Revere.

As a first-time candidate, I have been endorsed by the Greater Boston Labor Council, Local 22, Maria’s List, and Mass Alliance, organizations that work to improve the lives of working families and support progressive candidates.

I am a first-generation Indian-American and a lifelong Revere resident. Currently, I work for the city and am the Director of the Healthy Community Initiatives department and co-lead Revere on the Move. We increase healthy eating and active living initiatives like all the new playgrounds, Revere’s first dog park, walking trails, bicycle infrastructure, community gardens, and the farmers market.

I am a proud graduate of RHS’s class of 1998. I have my bachelors degree in public health from Hofstra University. This past June, I completed my masters in public policy from Tufts University’s Urban, Economic and Planning Program.

My priorities for the city not only include me but all of you to have a seat at the table. The quote “nothing about me without me” has been key to my community work and will continue as your Councillor At-Large.

I speak with residents everyday, it has become clear that Revere needs a master plan to address recurring issues and provide real solutions. We all need to have a seat at the table to create plans for commercial development, a regional approach to traffic and transportation, resources for small business owners, workforce development and sustainable wages, a new Senior Center, Library, DPW, City Hall, high school and community center where we can all come together as One Revere. We also need a more compassionate approach to the opioid epidemic that focuses on harm reduction and increased treatment options.

I humbly ask for one of your five votes. To learn more visit or call 781-629-9695. It’s very simple, vote Dimple Rana on November 7th.

Russo announces candidacy for Councillor Ward 4

Philip Russo announced his candidacy for
Ward 4 Councillor.  The following is his announcement:.

“I’m Philip Russo, candidate for City Councilor of Ward 4.  My family and I ask for your support and your vote on Nov. 7.

A vote for me means more action to meet your needs and make Ward 4 a better place all of the time.

We’re going through a period of rapid change. As Ward 4 Councilor I will step back, speak to the people and make priority lists to ensure your needs are no longer overlooked year after year — especially when it comes to safety on our streets for our family, friends, and especially our children.

Ward 4 is a beautiful part of Revere.  We still have many families who have lived here for generations, along with new homeowners looking to bring up their families here.

We have a diverse culture of people that live in this City and our Ward.  We all have different wants and needs around our families and properties but we have a common desire — to keep a safe place for our families!

To that end, we need to update our street lighting and better control the rodent population. We need cross walks for kids that are bieng picked up and dropped off, even crossing guards. Taxes have gone up, our streets are in need of dire repair.  I will work on get these things done.

In the final analysis, it’s not about all the stand outs, the signs or how many political parties someone attends.  It is about results and I will have the resolve to achieve them. The focus needs to be on Ward 4.  Clear communication with the other Councilors is key to getting things done fully and properly.  I will not just accept the noted okays from the City or Councillors.  I will work on behalf of the citizens of Ward 4 to fix all of the things people have requested for years that have been forgotten.

I am a son, brother, father, uncle, cousin, friend, neighbor to some and coach to others.  I’m 48 years old and have lived on Park Ave. since 1983.  I grew up here.  Today I’m a homeowner, still in Ward 4 with my wife Lisa and our beautiful daughter Sabrina and 5-month-old, Joseph.  We know the importance of making our Ward and City safe.

The People that truly know me understand that I’m a true caretaker from my heart!  I get the job done.  I have and will continue to help the people in and around the Ward and the City.  I have in past years helped people who can’t help themselves in the grueling winter months, from shoveling snow after plowing for days, to using my plow to follow the ROTC kids and move snow that they shovel to help the elderly.

In 2016 I became a partner and manager of the Brenner Shoe Barn & Party store property.  We got together with different organizations to donate shoes that were in the building along with clutch purses to help the girls looking to go to the prom but not being able to afford it.  I also donated the Russo’s Flooring truck to do delivery of the Thanksgiving turkey meals offered to the elderly and families that could not afford to feed their families.

I’m a team player. I look forward to working with the Mayor, all of the City’s officials, Police and Councilors to get a grip on the opiate crisis running through our City.  Too many of our friends and family are gone due to this.  We need action.

I also want to work with the local youth groups to assist in any way with fundraising to help the children and family be able to apply themselves, whether it be at the Rec Center or play a sport that normally parents could not afford to pay for them to play or learn.

Respect starts with our children.  If we can find a way to have more programs after school for the kids, the parents can work regular hours and be home to help mold them into kinder, more respectable adults.  This will help create a more caring and loving City.

I look forward to building relationships within our Ward and City to be a safer environment for all.

I want to bring back the pride that’s missing in and around our homes, with the neighbors and me as their voice to get things done.  I want to keep our streets beautiful and our property values high so we can have more equity faster in our homes and hopefully help you make the necessary updates or add-ons to keep your property vital.

As some of the residents in Ward 4 have seen, I have already started to give back to the Ward with my handouts.  A simple list of important telephone numbers to reach the offices at City Hall.  Also numbers for issues plaguing our great City and all around the Country.  Alcohol and drug abuse 24-hour help line, battered women hotline, child at risk numbers and suicide prevention, to name a few.

This is a small way to start to make a difference since the telephone book has become obsolete and not everyone can afford a computer or a smart phone.  Most of the people like my parents don’t like the idea that they need to conform to the era of millennials and computers.  This is something you can use and keep on your fridge or next to your home phone.  Something I think we can all use.

I want my children to follow in my footsteps to create a legacy worthy of our great ward and city.  Please help me to help everyone in Ward 4.  Let’s keep Revere and Ward 4 great.  Let’s make it a better place all of the time!

Please help me win!  Together we can make a difference in our Ward.

I am in a servicing business.  For some in the City I have installed your flooring.  In all jobs there are the unforeseen things.  I have always offered to help and fix to make a difference.  I get it done and done right.  I love to make a difference.  I enjoy making people happy.  The biggest feeling of gratification is the smile I can put on someone’s face when I am done doing my job.  Ask anyone, I give 100 percent, 100 percent of the time when I do something.  Like all businesses, politics the same.  I will work on making everyone happy.  The real truth is you can’t make all people happy all of the time, but you can make all people happy some of the time and I will work hard not to have any unhappy people all of the time.

I want to thank you, the People, my friends, new and old whom I now consider family.  I respectfully ask for your vote for Ward 4 Councilor of Revere on November 7. Thank you.”

Novoselsky seeks re-election for Councillor Ward 2

Ira Novoselsky, has announced his candidacy for re-election as Councillor of Ward 2. The following is his statement

:”My name is Ira Novoselsky.  I am your fulltime Ward 2 Councillor and am seeking re-election to serve you for two more years.

I am a life-long resident of Ward 2, a graduate of the Revere school system and I have been active with many community and veteran organizations for many decades.  I know how Ward 2 and its unique neighborhoods need to be represented on the Council, and in the City and State governments.    I understand the needs, goals and priorities of the residents of Ward 2 and I have demonstrated that time and time again through my many accomplishments.  Over these past 15 years, while I have been your Ward Councillor 23 streets were repaved; and nine streets had sidewalks replaced.  Over the next few years, many more streets and sidewalks are scheduled to be replaced.  Trees have been planted and more trees are scheduled.  Crosswalks have been installed at various locations around the Ward and new pedestrian crossing signage was installed for the safety of our residents and school children.  Next spring new sidewalks and crosswalk will be installed for students and residents coming to and going from the Garfield School. This project is called Safe Routes and is funded by MDOT and the City of Revere.

I am an ardent supporter of all youth and school sports and have been involved with the Revere High School football team for over 50 years.  I work with the Garfield School community to make a better place to learn and be brought up.  I worked with them to install a new playground outside the school for everyone to use.

This past year I worked with the businesses and the Traffic commission to establish permit parking in the Shirley Avenue municipal lot to help avoid meter and street parking tickets.

As your full time Councillor, I am always available by phone at 781-289-7031, and by E-mail at [email protected]

Finally, I respectfully request your continued support and your vote for re-election to the position of Ward 2 Councillor on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

I look forward to continue working with you to bring never-ending success to Ward 2, and to utilize my experience to get results!

Thank you in advance for your vote.”

Morabito seeks re-election as Councillor at-Large

Steven Morabito has announced for re-electio as Councillor at-Large.  The following is his statement:

“Hi I’m Steven Morabito.  I have served as your City Councillor-at-Large for two terms. I cannot express my gratitude enough to you, the people of Revere.  Thank you for giving me the privilege and the honor to represent you and the City of Revere for two terms as City Councillor-at-Large.
As a citizen of Revere and a City Councillor in preparing for these comments, I asked myself what kind of city are we today? Are we going in the right direction?  Are there things we should be doing to improve our community? If so, what are they?

To answer these questions, I decided to look back on my most recent term as City Councillor at Large and review with you many of the things that have come before the City Council and what position I took on them.  This review will also give you a brief education on what has been happening in Revere.

I appeared before the Senate’s Joint Committee on Traffic to allow our citizens to get the same reduction in tolls that residents in our neighboring cities receive. This was an uphill battle.  I thank Ward 1 Councillor Joanne Mckenna and Rep Vincent for joining me in this uphill battle.  I will not give up and I will continue to fight for tunnel and Bridge toll reductions for Revere residents.

I submitted a motion to the Council to update parking meters to the Smart Parking System. This motion was passed by the City Council.  As a result, this will result in your ability to not just use quarters, but also to use credits, debit cards and a smartphone app to pay your toll.
Mayor Arrigo implemented a 30-day test pilot program on the southern part of Broadway where the smart parking system is currently in place.

I submitted a motion to modernize our voting ballot machines, which are outdated. The motion passed and the city is on its way to bringing our voting equipment into the

Far too often, we hear about people being bullied. It may be someone we know.
Enough was Enough, therefore to shed light on this matter in our city, I submitted a motion to recognize anti- bullying groups in our schools.  I took it one step further and passed a motion to proclaim the month of October as anti-bullying Awareness Month in Revere.

High taxes are a concern that I hear constantly on the campaign trail.  You will be glad to hear that I supported placing question one on the ballot for November. If this passes our senior citizens who own homes receive a 10 percent reduction in their property taxes. I have always tried to look after our senior citizens and will continue to do so.  Question 1 is a ballot initiative that fits into Mayor Arrigo’s plan to eventually give all primary home owners a 10% tax break soon.

Boston Magazine wrote about Revere being the TOP cities in Greater Boston to live.  It is important that we capitalize from this thriving real estate market and brand our city correctly, to bring in the right businesses and the proper development. While on the council, I voted in favor to update the zoning of the NECCO property to allow a variety of high-tech companies on the site. I voted in favor of the Revere Beach Hotel and the amenities will include a café and a roof-top restaurant. Wonderland Dog track was demolished and has much potential to bring jobs to our city. Speaking of jobs, Suffolk downs was purchased and could soon be hotspots for our city.   The Amazon Company is planning to open a second headquarters in the United States. The Boston area is being considered and because of the colleges and universities here and the fact that General Electric is opening another headquarters here we have a great chance to be selected. The Amazon headquarters has the potential to house 50,000 employees. Suffolk Downs has a chance to be selected. Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo threw his support behind a bid to put Amazon on the Suffolk Downs property and Mayor Arrigo is fully supporting him.

I will do any and everything to help our city get this fabulous opportunity. If we succeed, it will be the greatest economic development in the history of Revere These are projects will bring our city good businesses, good careers and keep our city moving on the right path to success.

You can count on my vote when it comes to allocating more money to repair our roads and sidewalks,
push the city to act on the trash in the street, the rodents, shopping carts left on the sidewalks, baiting for the increasing complaints of rodents. I will support bringing RCN coming to our city to compete with Comcast providing there is continued support for Revere TV.

There’s much more I could discuss about various issues without limited time, but my goal tonight was to let all of you know how much I love our city, how grateful I am for all it has given to me, and to tell you how passionate I am to continue serving the city and its people as Revere City Councillor-at-large.

I ask for the honor to continue serving you as your City Councillor.  Your voice will be heard!
Please consider me for 1 of your five votes on Tuesday, November 7th  for Revere City Councillor-at-Large.”

Anthony Cogliandro announces for Councillor Ward 3

Anthony Cogliandro has announced his candidacy for Councillor of Ward 3.  The following is his statement:

My name is Anthony Cogliandro and I am a candidate for Ward 3 City Council in Revere. I am 35 years old and the Father of a beautiful 7-year-old little girl, Avery. I am an Owner and Associate Professor at Revere Karate Academy. I have been teaching martial arts for over 20 years and have been studying for over 32 years.

I am running because I know that decisions are made by people who show up and because I care about the people who live and work in this city. I know I can serve as a leader. A leader that helps move this city toward a brighter, more positive future.

As a father, home owner, and small-business owner in Revere it is important to me that our community succeeds together.  I want to work hard every day on behalf of you and your quality of life. I want to improve communication between the residents of this city and our government, and I pledge to be one of the most open and accessible of the City Council if elected.

I have no master plan or political agenda; I am not running in opposition to anyone or in support of any ideology. I am running because I care about you, and because my experience makes me confident in my ability to represent you in your interests.

Join me and support my vision of a better, more collaborative Revere by voting for me this November and we’ll work together toward a vision for a strong, collaborative City.

It is time for a change…

So on November 7th when you head out to vote, remember… We are voting to turn this city around to have a better, brighter, and more collaborative future.

If you’d like you learn more about my campaign for Ward 3 please visit

If you’d like to volunteer please contact me directly at [email protected]

Rotondo seeks re-election as Councillor at-Large

George Rotondo has announced for re-election as Councillor at-Large.  The following is his statement:

“My name is George Rotondo. I am running for Revere City Councilor at Large. I am Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Nurse, Former EMT. I am the father of two girls who attend Revere Public Schools. I have been on the Revere City Council seeking accountability and check and balances. I believe it is a vital role I have to protect the taxpayers of Revere. I can write about many things that I have accomplished but what I would like to do is give you an idea of some of the issues that are central to my candidacy and why you should vote for me.

Here are some of the issues I stand for and against. I am and continues to fight for a moratorium on apartment buildings in Revere. A moratorium would prevent overdevelopment, prevent more traffic, and overcrowding in our Schools. I opposed building apartments at SHAWS, unlike other candidates. I fought Mayor Arrigo in June/July 2017 when he refused to honor Former Chief of Police Cafareilli’s Contract. Chief Cafarelli is against Sanctuary cities. Unlike like other candidates running for Councilor at Large I am also against sanctuary cities status in Revere.

However, I did and do agree with Mayor Arrigo and changed the zoning at the Necco Candy factory in Revere to bring Robotics, Lasers, Drone and Artificial Intelligence Technology driven jobs to Revere. Additionally, I support efforts to bring Amazon.Com to Suffolk Downs in Revere. As well as create an entertainment facility at Wonderland Dog track with a working pier across the street from the State police barracks to take water shuttles back and forth to Boston. I do not support any residential building in these areas.

Moreover as a father of two girls I do supports a new state of the art High School so our children can compete against children from China, Germany or California in the next century and beyond. We also need to give them life skills and technical vocational. Like many parents I want my girls to be more successful than I am.

Lastly like you, I am not the only person in Revere whose family has been affected by the heroin epidemic, or other drugs that plague our community. As a community, we had 27, 16 and 26 overdoses related death in the last three fiscal years. We need to do more, that’s why I am advocating for more funding at the local, state and federal level for education, intervention, and treatment for Revere residents.

If you agree with my positions then please on Tuesday, November 7th with 1 of your five votes, please vote for me.”

Fred Sannella seeks re-election to School Committee

Frederick Sannella has announced his re-election candidacy for the Revere School Committee.  The following is his staement:

:In keeping with my commitments to the children, parents and citizens of Revere, I Fredrick A. Sannella proudly announce my candidacy for re-election to the Revere School Committee. I would like to continue using my many years of educational experience in the Revere Public Schools.

Some of you may know me as a former teacher at the Lincoln School and other as an Assistant Principal of the Whelan School. Others know me as a 14-year member of the Revere School Committee.

I bring education to the City of Revere. I was called upon by then Senate President Thomas Birmingham and Representative Mark Roosevelt along with other educators to help draft Chapter 71 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (The Educational Reform Act0. With my many years of study in education I feel I am most qualified to serve on the Revere School Committee.

My educational schooling is as follows:

I am a proud graduate of Revere High School.

I have a B.S. degree in Education from Salem State University ,Masters Degree in Educational Administration and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) from Boston State part of U. Mass Boston

I am proud to say that I along with my colleagues and Revere City Council helped to bring to realization the biggest changes in Revere’s Educational System.

We have replaced aging and inadequate schools. We are proud of our state of the art schools. Where students and teachers can work under the best possible conditions with the most up to date equipment. Now we must look to the future. Your next school committee must work to address new issues that will be presented to them.


Eliminate the lottery system for Middle School Placement.

Take a close look at redistricting.

The School Calendar:

The state mandates the length of the school year.

The more days that school is not in session extends the school year.

The new school committee needs to review the additional religious holidays added to the calendar.

The parents need to decide on which religious holidays the student will observe.

Give the Lincoln School Community what it was promised.

They were a promised a new heating system

They were promised new windows

They were promised air conditioning

Lincoln School Summary

The Lincoln School got the new heating system

The Lincoln School did not get new windows

The Lincoln School did not get air conditioning. All of the other schools have air conditioning.

In closing I would like to thank the citizens of Revere for allowing me the opportunity of serving the children of Revere.

Please remember to vote on Tuesday, November 7th when voting, please vote for me, Fred Sannella for Revere School Committee.

Remember Sannella is strong on education.

Gerry Visconti announces for School Committee

Gerry Visconti, a local business owner, parent of school-aged children and long-time resident, is announcing his candidacy for the Revere School Committee. The following is his statement:

“Change” is hard. In fact, it’s very hard. But, as the saying goes, nothing worth doing is easy.

I’ve learned that very fact over the course of my professional career, as a youth sports coach and administrator, financial advisor, husband, father and now, Candidate for Revere School Committee.

Life seems to be very hard these days, but I see signs of progress and success every day. I see it in the faces of my four children every morning, as we hustle out of our home and head off to school or the office.

My point is this: our children face a myriad of challenges every day. Whether dealing with the rigors of academics, standardized testing, societal issues such as safety or overcrowded classrooms, Revere’s students have proven to be the most relentless learners in the region.

Their success is due largely in part to the hard work our school superintendent, assistant superintendents, administrators, teachers and other staff members put in every day.

But, aiding in the success of our students is not easy and is not going to get any easier. This is why I ask for your support this November. While some candidates have children who attended and graduated from the Revere Public School System, times have changed dramatically. The needs of our children and the challenges they face are vastly different than 15 or even five years ago. With four kids under the age of 13, I’m right in the middle of these challenges and I face them every day. It is a collaborative effort, along with my wife Danielle Beth and our children’s teachers. It’s still not easy, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Our School Committee has done a good job over the years. Their job is not easy either. However, I’m running because there must be change within the Committee. There must be new ideas and fresh perspectives, especially a perspective of a current parent. Four of the reasons why I am running and they are named Gerry, Jr., Sofia, Sabrina and Joseph.

Holding a position such as this is all about accountability. I’ve lived by this sentiment my entire life and have taken it into both my personal and professional life. It is accountability that I’ll bring to the School Committee if elected. I will focus on the following key areas:

Financial stability and growth: Our schools need as much support as we can provide them. Sound financial support should translate into better systems, new technology, innovative curriculum, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics STEAM and community programming. We need to be more aggressive in applying for and securing state and federal grants, as applicable, to ease the burden on our tax base (most notably our seniors).

Improved Facilities: There is no question; Revere needs a new high school. With over 2,000 students currently in the school–we have to address current and future needs of our high school students. I will make it a priority, if elected, to work with our Mayor, his administration, my colleagues on the school committee, the Revere Public School Administration, teachers, staff, parents, students and community members to assist in securing funding for a new high school.

Community Engagement: The success of our students goes well beyond books, pencils and what transpires in the classroom. Teachers and administrators have a tough job and they need all the support the community can provide. Creating a progressive exchange between the school and parents is a priority. Our children need 360-degree support in order to face and surpass the challenges they will be exposed to as they work their way through the school system. And, the School Committee must be the group accountable for driving that success.

I’m confident that my experience as a local business owner, father, coach and active member of this wonderful community positions me to be an ambassador for our students. I will ensure that they receive the best educational experience our city has to offer. Anything less is unacceptable.

I respectfully ask for your consideration to cast one of your six votes on Tuesday November 7th for me, Gerry Visconti for Revere School Committee.”

Lampedecchio announces bid for Councillor Ward 5

Eric Lampedecchio has announced his candidacy for Councillor Ward 5.  The following is his statement:

“Hello my name is Eric Lampedecchio and I am running to be your Ward 5 City Councilor! I grew up in the Riverside section of the Point of Pines and although my family still lives there, I have moved to the other side of the ward and live on Tapley Avenue. Not many people realize how big Ward 5 is; it stretches from the Riverside and Point of Pines, down to Oak Island, the Revere St and Sagamore St area, all and all the way down to the library and high school area.

I went to Revere public schools and graduated from Revere High School in 2003. I went on to achieve my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Salem State University in 2008, and I am working towards completing my master’s degree in Organizational Leadership in 2018. I currently work as a Training Manager for the largest state-chartered credit union in Massachusetts, and as a Stand Attendant at the TD Garden as an active union member of UFCW Local 1445.

I am running for this position because I feel that the residents of Ward 5, and the city, are not being given the voice they deserve. Enormous residential housing projects have popped up all over our city with little to no input from our residents. Our city is outgrowing its infrastructure which has created many new problems for our residents. There is no plan in place to sustain or support our recent growth, and as a result, our public services will suffer if we do not prepare.

Our city council must take notice of these challenges and plan accordingly. The lines of communication between the city council and the residents must be opened to provide faster responses to our concerns and to receive direct feedback from our residents regarding proposed changes before they are implemented, not after. I personally have received no response from several communications to some councilors and staff at city hall through email or through the city clerk; this is unacceptable. After attending the Mayor’s Ward 5 community meeting at the Point of Pines Yacht Club last year, I learned that I am not alone.

One way we can help our residents with their current tax burden is to foster commercial development at Wonderland. I’d like to see this done by bringing in an office type commercial space – similar to cummings park in Woburn. This would not consist Retail stores and shopping plazas as those bring in more traffic but instead would attract true commercial businesses to an office space located minutes from downtown Boston and with access to the T. Commercial properties pay more in taxes to the city and with this type of increase, perhaps we could extend the mayor’s proposed 10% tax break to all residents of Revere. Revere currently pays over $14,000 per student, one of the highest in the state. Unfortunately, it’s our residents footing this bill and I would to get them some relief.

Speaking of T access, I want to see a commuter rail station at the Wonderland site. The commuter rail runs throughout our entire city yet Revere residents do not have a single access point to it. I think a commuter rail station would better connect Revere residents to the north shore.

I want to apply my business acumen and work ethic in a way that will benefit our community. I will bring professionalism and a better understanding of economics and business to the city council. I will bring a fresh perspective and new ideas that will always represent the best interest of my neighbors in Ward 5.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. I look forward to working together for our neighborhood and hope to serve as your Ward 5 Councilor. Please do not hesitate to contact me as I would love hear your thoughts on how we can improve our city! I can be reached by phone at 339 532 7791 or by email at [email protected]

Patch announces bid for re-election as Councillor Ward 6

Charles Patch has announced for re-election as Councillor Ward 6.  The following is his statement:

“My name is Charlie Patch and I am the Ward 6 Councilor in the City of Revere and I have been honored to serve the people of Ward 6 since 2008.  I have been married to my wife Laurie for 44 years and have three sons, Billy, Chuck and David and have four beautiful grandchildren, Ava, Abby, Danny and Sadie.  I have been a homeowner in Ward 6 since 1979 and I am so proud of our city.  After serving in Vietnam with the U.S. Marines, I joined the Revere Police Department and served for 33 years.  As a young officer, I attended and graduated from Northeaster University while serving on the force.  I have seen the transformation of our neighborhoods and schools over the years and I wanted to be a part of the improvements and make an impact for future generations.

When I was honored to be elected by the people of Ward 6 as their representative, I wanted to work hard and make positive changes within the Ward 6 community.

I feel together we have accomplished a lot: I am so proud to have taken an active role in making a new state-of-the-art Griswold Field formerly known as Saint Mary’s Baseball Park.  We are still working diligently on completing the building for new rest rooms, concession stand and storage area.  Also, I feel very proud in stimulating and working with the past and current administration to bring in proper growth to outward and thus, increasing our tax base.

For an example: Market Basket at Northgate Shopping Center – we now have first class business that is helping the people of Ward 6 and the entire City of Revere.

Harley Davidson Dealership in Linden Square – this first-class dealership employs Revere residents and has made substantial investment in the City of Revere. Both the Market Basket and the Harley Davidson businesses contribute substantially to our commercial tax base. I am proud to have participated in making this happen.

From a residential perspective, the project at 770 Washington Ave. and the new townhouses on Marble Street are perfect examples of how we as representatives can work with developers to invest in our great city properly.  The condominium building at 770 Washington Ave. has 22 units of complete ownership without affecting our school system. In addition, it has retail space on the first floor. The townhouse development that was initially proposed had greater density but we fought to bring the number down with the neighborhood and we were successful.

As your Ward 6 Councilor, I have tried to represent the entire ward to the best of my ability.  I was happy to take and active role in the North Revere Neighborhood Group, I was so proud to have participated with so many wonderful people on issues such as: Bike to the sea, Harmon Park design and Spring Time Park construction, Crime Watch, and clean ups and all individual problems of the North Revere residents.

As part of the West Revere Neighborhood group, I was very excited about participating in the design and completion of the new Paws-N-Play-Dog Park.  I feel that the park, the clean up and the lighting of the underpasses on Sargent St and Malden Street really make a positive aesthetic difference and would love to see such clean ups continue. I look forward to the installation of the mural that is being created for the Sargent Street underpass.

I cannot thank all of the wonderful people of Ward 6 enough for electing me to serve as your representative. It truly has been an honor and privilege to serve you and I respectfully ask for your vote on November 7th to keep your full time councilor working for you.”

Reardon announces candidacy for School Committee

Attorney Steve Reardon, in announcing his candidacy for School Committee, provides the following statement:

“I’m Steve Reardon and I’d like to take this opportunity to tell the voters of Revere what I believe are the important issues facing our school district and why I would be an effective leader in dealing with them.

I have a strong background in Revere civic affairs having been both a past president of the Revere Chamber of Commerce and a past Ward 4 City Councillor. I was educated at Immaculate Conception grammar school, Boston College High School, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and New England School of Law. I have been a Revere businessman for over 40 years and I have a law practice located in our city.

As the father of a Revere educated and Revere High School graduate, my daughter Ellen, I know first-hand the value of a thorough and competent education in assuring the future success of our children.

I’m running for School Committee because I believe in the viability and bright future of our city and I want to help ensure that we sustain our strength as a community in every way possible. At the very core of that strength is our dedication to excellence in the education of our children.

As a community, we have been extraordinarily generous and devoted to our school system with the building for five new schools in the last 15 years. I have worked with former Superintendant Dr. Paul Dakin and retiring School Committeeman Dan Maguire and the other members of the Hill School building Committee in overseeing the design, construction and administration of the School.

I expect that we will soon be embarking on yet another school building project. Our school enrollment has outgrown the capacity of Revere High School. Our city’s financial commitment will be substantial and will require intelligence, experience and skill to be effectively managed in the best interest of our community.

I believe that I possess the qualities necessary to help see this project through to fruition and the proven ability to assist our school committee and administration in providing the best education to our children possible

Please consider me for one of your six votes on election day, and no matter what your elective choices, please vote on November 7.”

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