Ferrante Announces for Re-Election to School Committee

Michael A. Ferrante, a local business owner and lifelong resident, is announcing his re-election bid for the Revere School Committee. The following is his statement:

Frankly, Revere’s school system has unique needs. The school department has approximately 80% of our students are receiving free and /or reduced lunch programs. We don’t have the tax base like the schools in the top 10 on Boston Magazine’s Best Schools list. Yet, our schools receive many honors and our kids are thriving.

To achieve this, it’s a complicated strategy that schools in the suburbs don’t have to face but in Revere, we have been able to help our kids emerge with stronger work ethic and the grit that today’s society actually needs.

What matters more: what circumstances our kids are born with or giving them the opportunity to leap past the terms”average” and expected”? The days of learning the 3 R’s: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic are surpassed by today’s priorities, which we in Revere call the FOUR Rs: Rigor, Relevance, Relationships, and Resilience.

A great education comes from many hours of hard work, not only by the students, but also from a hardworking team of educators, administrators, family, community leaders, and local businesses. It has been my honor to serve on the School Committee for the past 12 years, and to have witnessed a generation of students who graduated from Revere schools and become responsible community members.

It has been an honor to work with our current Superintendent Dr. Dianne Kelly, along with a dedicated team of educators, administrators, support staff, and active parents. Together, we have ushered the school districtreform initiatives, built five new schools, expand our STEM education, introduced the latest technological education aids and launched an improved new RPS website.

During my time on the board, our enrollment has increased and so have our state test scores. We have a record high number of freshman this year.We have hired a lot of high quality teachers and to support our current ones with professional development opportunities.

Together, we help these young students navigate the often turbulent journey through adolescence and young childhood. Like you, i care about the kids who need breakfast and or lunch, affordable internet at home,

IPads, Chromebooks, Wi-Fi, the robotics programs, as well as the more pragmatic needs such as well built roof over their heads. We are finishing up our work with the Hill School contractor to complete the necessary repairs that the City and School Department can sign off. In the near future, we are planning to build a brand new high school.

I know how to work with people who take pride in the City of Revere. I have served 12 years on the School Committee, as part of my commitment to the City of Revere. Together, we obtain the funding and keep track of the details that create our current and future ambitious programs, in order to continue to propel our students into 21st-century learning. I am able to use my financial background as a professional accountant to serve as the Chairman of the Ways & Means Subcommittee..

As someone who lived in Revere all my life, and who was educated here, I understand what Revere Schools need. I have a personal interest in making our schools the best that they can be: my children went to school here and went on to graduate college, and my wife, Ellen, is a teacher in the Revere School System.

My community ties include memberships with the Revere Moose and Revere Knights of Columbus organizations that are dedicated to helping others.

I proudly attended the Revere Public Schools and I am a 1975 Revere High School graduate. In 1980, I graduated from Northeastern University, majoring in business administration, specializing in Accounting and joined my father’s business GSF Tax Service Inc., in Revere. When I graduated from college, I followed in my father’s footsteps by joining him in the family business and now run it.

With your vote, you will help me continue my goal to help our children receive the education they need in today’s world, and to help our schools produce Revere’s finest citizens. In this crucial time in the city’s educational journey, we need experience with relationship building within the revere political and educational systems.

By electing people such as myself who understand this, we can continue to help these students blossom into smart, athletic, scientific, brave and responsible leaders, With your vote, I can continue to serve the families of Revere the same way that I run my business: with complete dedication,honesty, and commitment.

Please consider casting one of your six votes for Michael Ferrante, the first name on the ballot, on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

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