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Dear Editor:

One of Revere’s most giving individuals is an outstanding man by the name of Ricky Freni. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. Over the years, he has raised over $100,000 through his foundation, the Little Ricky Foundation, for Revere Public Schools and many organizations. He is also a DJ and has given his time and talent for free for many causes.

Now, Ricky needs our help. It’s time to give back to Ricky Freni. Ricky has been facing several health challenges over the last year. And, they have been extremely serious and life-threatening!  As a result, he has been unable to work which has impacted his family’s income. We need to step up for Ricky – to give to him just as he has given to so many!

“A Night for Big Ricky” is a huge fundraising Dinner Dance scheduled for Friday, Nov. 24 at the Malden Moose. The cost is only $35 per person with food provided by Henry’s Catering, entertainment featuring Vinyl Groove, a DJ, and hosted by comedian Dave Russo. For ticket purchase or information call 781-656-5013.

Please…your donation of a raffle item, auction item, or monetary contribution towards this “Night for Big Ricky” would help the Revere community give back to someone who has always given of himself.


The Fundraising Committee for A Night for Big Ricky

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