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Rizzo announces campaign for councillor-at-large

Daniel Rizzo, a former mayor and council president, has announced his intentions to run for the City Council.

Daniel Rizzo has a longstanding career as a business owner and public servant in Revere, the city he loves.

He is married to Jane Fitzgerald Rizzo, and has two sons, Ryan and Nicholas.  He is the proud grandfather of Aryanna and Elayna Rizzo.

Dan is a graduate of Emmanuel College in Boston and holds his bachelors of science degree in business administration.

Upon graduating, Dan began a long career in public service that included six years in the United States Navy. During that time, he served aboard the Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Independence CV-62 and participated in Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada, and responded to criseses around the world including the Persian Gulf and Beirut. He is the recipient of the Naval Expeditionary Medal, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, and holds the designation of Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist. He is a member of the Beachmont VFW, Post 6712 and the American Legion, Post 0061.

After completing his military service in 1987, Dan founded his company, Rizzo Insurance Group, Inc., along with his brother, Paul, and his father, Dan Sr. For over 30 years, Dan has served as president and with the rest of his staff, takes pride in serving the needs of his clients and community.  He is the recipient of the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation.

Dan has assumed leadership roles in the Revere Business Community including serving as president of the Revere Rotary Club from 1992-1993, and then as President of the Revere Chamber of Commerce from 1995-1997. He is the recipient of Rotary International’s highest honor, the Paul Harris Fellow Award.

In 2000, Dan was elected to the Revere City Council and in 2009 was elected City Council president. He had the distinguished honor to serve as chairman of the DNC 04 Host Committee, which dedicated and marked Revere Beach Reservation as a National Historic Landmark.  He was then honored to be elected mayor of Revere in 2011 where he served until January of 2016.

He is proud of his many affiliations and memberships that include the Loyal Order of Moose, Lodge 1272, and the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks #1171.

“With so much at stake, I believe that my education, along with his military, business, and political experience has uniquely prepared me well to serve the needs of all Revere residents.  I respectfully ask for your vote for Councilor-at-Large on Nov. 7,” Rizzo said.

Michael Zaccaria announcing for councillor-at-large

Michael Zaccaria has announced his candidacy for councillor at large in the November election.  The following is his statement:

“My name is Mike Zaccaria, candidate for councillor at large. My family and I are asking for your support and vote in this very important upcoming election 
that will greatly determine the direction that this great city will pursue, and 
hopefully will continue the increasingly positive momentum I strongly believe we 
have in motion. These are the reasons I am running and seeking your vote. First 
and foremost, I am not running for Mike Zaccaria. I am running to make the City 
Of Revere the best place for all of us to live, work, and raise our families, I am 
convinced that Revere is already is a great place for all of those and its people 
deserve city councilors that are best qualified to make sure it keeps improving. 
That is why I have lived here for 46 years, and chose to raise my family here, to 
work here, and to continue to operate my business and employ people here. My 
family and I have enjoyed a great life in Revere, and I have always tried my best to 
show my gratitude by giving back to my community in every way I can, from 
helping to build parks to supporting major functions to assisting in saving lives .. 
And now I would like the privilege to serve you as a city councilor as well where 
I can have a stronger voice for the people. I will always keep an open mind to 
listen to what is most important to you personally and consider the best ideas to 
deliver the best results for you and the city as a whole. We need to keep improving 
Revere as a great family community and keep working to find the best ways to do 
that by sticking together in a team effort. How do we keep Revere operating the 
best and most efficient ways? How do we best give our fire department all the 
support they need to be great and safe in their job? How do we also give our police 
department the support that they need to be great and successful in their job 
protecting our community? These are all very high priorities in my opinion. We 
also need a strong and thriving DPW and to give them all they need to support and 
improve our infrastructure and keep our streets clean. We need to determine the 
best use for our land and properties, support and attract growing businesses, and increase our commercial tax base. We also need to take care of our children in 
every way possible from schools to sports to facilities to services. We need a better 
recreation center. We need to continue to improve and restore our parks. We need to be 
proactive in creating a positive, constructive environment to take care of the 
children of the city. We need to take these steps to give them the start in life they 
deserve. Our country is trying to come to grips with a growing opioid crisis. Rather 
than wait for outside solutions, Revere needs to take matters into our own hands to 
create a great environment for all kids and young adults before they’re in trouble or 
addicted to drugs. While it is obviously critical to be there after the fact to give the 
support for rehab from addiction, I much prefer to implement policies and provide 
resources to stop it before it becomes a problem. We also need to have an 
Inspectional Services unit that makes sure our city is safe, the restaurants that we 
eat in our clean and healthy, and the structures that we live and work in are secure. 
These are some of the main reasons why I am fighting for a position on the Revere 
City Council, All to keep Revere moving in the right direction. To work together 
with our mayor and my colleagues to build a great future for all of us who call 
Revere home. I am proud to be from Revere, to run my business in Revere, and to 
tell everyone I meet personally and in business that I live and work in Revere. My 
family has been here for 100 years, having some of the first amusements on Revere 
Beach. There is nothing more that I want to do than pass on this legacy to my 
children, and have them be even prouder of the great city that we share. So my job 
is putting Revere first and representing the interests of each and every one of its 
citizens. Please help me win. Please help me keep Revere great, and make it the 
best it can be – for all of us. Thank you for your consideration and your trust. I 
intend to work very hard on your behalf.”

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