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Dear Editor,

The City of Boston and the City of Revere are holding meetings in Boston, alongwith the new owners of Suffolk Downs (HYM’s Development).

Mr. Thomas N. O’Brien of HYM’s Development is discussing the future of Suffolk Downs and the future of the City of Revere.

Some City Councilors have seen these plans. Some people say it going to be just like Assembly Row in Somerville, or Wellington Circle in Medford.

That was before the article in the Boston Herald on Sept 14, 2017, announced that Suffolk Downs could be Amazon’s new HQ 2 both in East Boston and Revere.

Massachusetts just set aside $200,000 to help fund the Amazon proposal for Suffolk Downs and other locations.

What ever development is proposed for Suffolk Downs, we need to have someone looking out for Revere’s best interest.There are plans on the table to relocate the flood zones in Beachmont and the Garfield School Area.

Mr. Thomas N. O’Brien was reported, in the Boston Globe article, on June 9, 2017, that Suffolk Downs (HYM’s Development) want to relocate Beachmont’s flood zone area.

Suffolk Downs (HYM’s Development) want to relocate the over flow flood area in Suffolk Downs to a new location. This flood area is now located in the middle of the race track at Suffolk Downs.

The new owners of Suffolk Downs, and Mr.Thomas N. O’Brien expressed this concern.

He was quoted in the Boston Globe article saying the following:

“The biggest issue is what do you do with flood waters,” said O’Brien. “You have assume there is going to be flooding incidents in the next 30, 40, 50 years so how do we ( Suffolk Downs ) use our current wetlands on our site to store and move (relocate) the flood waters?

These are all the things we ( Suffolk Downs HYM) are looking at.

Before anything is moved or relocated or proposed we need to be 100 percent sure that it will not cause any additional flooding in the Beachmont and Garfield areas .

I believe in Revere’s neighborhoods and I have always put our neighborhoods first.

Please consider me for one of your five votes for councilor at large.

John R. Correggio



Dear Editor:

The Beachmont Improvement Committee wishes to thank everyone that participated in making the Beachmont Multicultural Festival, which was held Saturday, September 9th, a big success. With the help of a grant from the Revere Cultural Council, the BIC was able to provide the community with a delicious taste of many cultures, music, and food. Artists displayed their creativity, and taste buds were enticed by foods from local Columbian, Italian, and Latin-American restaurants, as well as all American Philly Pretzel. We had beautiful costumed dancers from several Latin-American countries, we had American and Spanish guitarists and singers, we had a keyboard, Middle Eastern drums and violin, and without a doubt, to the delight of young and old, we had a puppet parade. Beachmont is basking in the glory of a wonderful event.

Beachmont Improvement Committee




Dear Editor:

I am writing to thank everyone who may have attended our committee’s 18th annual Luau Event back on Sept. 8 at the VFW Mottola Post, not only for attending, but for their generosity in supporting the victims of both Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  We took a collection up, and in the end, come up with $353.00, all of which was donated to AmeriCares.

With so many individuals suffering as a result of these massive storms, it’s great to know that we did our little part in helping out.  I know that we are all keeping those victims in our thoughts and prayers.


Dan Rizzo

Candidate for City


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