Moratorium Set for Billboards

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The City Council approved a six-month moratorium for billboards after considering a motion made by the late City Council President Robert Haas Jr.

Last week the zoning subcommittee of the council approved the motion which will include the use of signs throughout the city.

Ron Chapeaux, of the Revere Beautification Committee wants to have time to develop a comprehensive billboard ordinance and a “strong comprehensive ordinance that will help the city.”

“The current ordinance on billboards is primitive compared to other cities,” he said.

The RBC would like to work with the city to develop a new ordinance

“Look what other cities have done,” Chapeaux stated. “Over the years, we have let too many billboards into the city.”

Lending his support, Council Vice President Patrick Keefe said he hopes Chapeaux’s expertise can be tapped into to develop an ordinance on what happens in terms of billboards in the city.

Ward 6 Councillor Charles Patch wanted to know if electronic billboards would be included. Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky also wonder about signs people put on their lawns.

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