A Time to Remember

On Sunday, September 17, the 11th Annual Revere Beach Memorial will take place at the William G. Reinstein Bandstand starting at 7 p.m.  Families of those who lost loved ones to drug overdoses from the opioid epidemic will gather to remember their children, brothers and sisters whose lives and promises were cut all too short.

On the front page of this week’s Journal are two stories dealing with this epidemic that has affected too many families.

One article covers the Overdose Awareness Day activities that were held last Thursday at Revere High School.  The stories from the various speakers just tears at the heartstrings.

The second story focuses on Audrey Richards dealing with her daughter’s death almost four years ago from this epidemic.  Her story sends shivers down the spine of every parent who reads her and her daughter’s story about the insidious nature of these drugs.

As parents, we all want a long and productive life for our children.  Yet, in today’s society of social conduct on a computer and texting, the task of raising a child safely seems much harder than previous generations.

We urge parents to remember that it is never too early to talk about drugs and to keep looking for those tell-tale signs of a drug problem. Remember to act and make use of the many resources that are available to help fight this epidemic.

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