Letter to the Editor

Arrigo Committed to Upgrades at DPW

Dear Editor:

Since taking office, my administration has worked to address the long-term, systemic problems at the DPW. In addition to the well-known poor condition of the DPW facility, the Department is also understaffed and has aging, broken-down equipment.

In the first months of my administration, I requested a $100,000 architectural and engineering analysis to determine whether the current building can be repaired, or if a new DPW facility is necessary – and what would be required to provide a top-notch facility should a new one be constructed. This analysis, which began in December of 2016, is nearing completion and will help determine the city’s next steps.

We are exploring a number of short term options, including the possibility of using mobile trailers, to move DPW operations while this future work takes place.

In April of this year, I also invested (with the City Council’s support) $1.5 million in new DPW equipment in the coming years, which will empower them to more effectively do their jobs. This investment includes a hot box for pothole repairs, a crane truck, two pickup trucks, three one-ton dump trucks, a trash compactor truck, and a small chipper. Long-overdue plans are in the works to upgrade more equipment as well in the next 5-10 years. DPW’s current vehicles are mostly 12-20 years old.

By the end of this fiscal year, we are also committed to increasing staffing levels at DPW. Stated simply, all of these actions are necessary to get DPW to where it needs to be. These steps have been communicated to DPW staff and union leaders.

We look forward to finally tackling these long-term problem after years of neglect. The DPW facility represents yet another instance in Revere where important infrastructure needs were put off in the name of short-term expediency. These are the kinds of long-running problems my administration has been trying to address from day one.

In the 18 months since I took office, more progress has taken place toward repairing or replacing the DPW facility, upgrading DPW equipment, and increasing staffing levels than in many years prior.

I look forward to working collaboratively with the City Council to continue this progress in the months to come, and putting together a plan that will allow DPW to provide the best city services possible.

Mayor Brian Arrigo

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