Councillors Looking to Solve Trash Issues

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The City Council held an abbreviated meeting Monday night tackling a few motions.

Motions by Ward 4 Councillor Patrick Keefe about Harry Della Russo stadium got some interest. Keefe put in two motions to bolster patrols for the stadium in the summer time and combat trash.

Specifically, Keefe would like to see an increase in directed patrols in and around the stadium especially on summer nights between 7  and 11 p.m.

“To ensure the park is cleared out after closing hours,” Keefe said. “We want to make sure it’s safe.”

Councillor George Rotondo suggested this is the perfect time to install cameras at the stadium and at parks around the City for that matter. When it comes to increased patrols and manpower, Rotondo said camera use in the parks is a “happy medium.”

Keefe also wants to see trash receptacles placed at the Fernwood and Park avenues side of the stadium. He noted that the activity at the stadium goes up in the summer months.

“Solar powered compactors would be a preference,” said Keefe. “The neighbors shouldn’t have to endure the trash.”

In another attempt to combat trash, Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna made a motion to have “nip” bottles of liquor added to the state’s bottle bill, H.3528. If passed “nip” bottles would have a five cent fee added on.

“It’s poor taste with no regard for the city,” said Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso, of people who use “nips” and simply toss the bottle wherever they want.

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