Revere Police are Looking to Send Message with Major Cocaine Bust

By Seth Daniel

After more than a two-months investigation and 34 undercover buys, Revere Police announced on Monday the takedown of a Revere crack cocaine and cocaine drug organization operating in Beachmont and Shirley Avenue.

The Revere Police Departments Drug / Gang Unit concluded the narcotics investigation with 12 arrests for Distribution of a Class B Substance, Crack Cocaine / Cocaine. Multiple agencies to include the Winthrop Police Department, Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, and the FBI Northshore Gang Task Force assisted in the four-day round-up of the above mentioned twelve identified targets in the Shirley Ave. and Beachmont.

Revere Det. Rob Impemba noted that 10 of those arrested lived in Revere, and all 12 had connections to Revere. They were all operating in Revere – with several using the Beachmont stairs as an open air drug market, among other locations.

It was a major message for the coming summer months, and a quality of life operation.

“We do want to send a message,” he said. “The drug activity was happening in the public, and in the open air on Shirley Avenue and in Beachmont. We wanted to send an early summer message that will not be tolerated…The fact that they all live or are connected here suggests they think they can get away with this in the neighborhoods they live in.”

During the investigation detectives also executed 2 search warrants, one in the Shirley Ave. area, and a second in the Beachmont area. As a result of the two search warrants executed detectives seized in excess of 70 grams of cocaine and $17,000 in cash.

The targets of the investigation were identified by Revere Police Detectives as impact players and prioritized for investigative resources due to their criminal activity in the city neighborhoods, and the Revere Police Departments commitment to improving the quality of life in the community.

Impemba said that six of those arrested were for cocaine, and the other six were for crack cocaine. That, he said, is a new and continuing trend where it has become hard to find heroin on the street. Now, what is filling the gap is crack cocaine.

“It’s a thing of the past that’s back and resurfacing,” he said. “It’s coming back and we’ve seen that in a previous operation on Shirley Avenue earlier this year.”

Impemba said such investigations boil down to helping residents in the neighborhood.

“Like always, it was a quality of life operation for the people who reside in these neighborhoods,” he said.

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