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10 years ago

May 30, 2007


Although Revere City Councillor Dan Rizzo handily carried his home city by a vote of 3628-1031 over East Boston State Rep. Anthony Petrucelli in Tuesday’s special primary for the Democratic nomination to succeed former State Senator Robert Travaglini, who stepped down to take a position as a lobbyist, Petrocelli won the rest of the district, which includes Winthrop, East Boston, the North End, Beacon Hill, and part of Cambridge, by a wide margin of 6511-1565 to win the nomination. Revere Director of Finance George Anzuoni reported this week that the city surcharge on rental vehicles has tallied more than $700,000 in its first year. City officials initially had predicted that the city would realize additional revenue of about $350,000.

Revere residents are mourning the sudden passing of Daniel P. “Danny” Anderson, who died unexpectedly in his home this past week.  Anderson was a 1978 grad of Revere High and after graduation worked for 10 years as a printer with the Revere Journal. He and his late brother, Frederick Jr., then founded and operated the popular Moonlight Cleaning Co. Anderson was active in Revere youth sports, especially in basketball.

The RHS Class of 2007 held its Senior Prom this past week at the Sheraton Colonial in Wakefield. The RHS graduation is set for next Wednesday, June 6, in the RHS field house for the 327 members of the Class of ‘07.

Georgia Rule, Shrek III, and 28 Weeks Later are playing at the Revere Showcase Cinemas.


20 years ago

June 4, 1997

City and school health officials are urging parents of schoolchildren not to panic after it was learned that an eighth grade boy at the Immaculate Conception School  contracted meningitis.

The 205 members of the Revere High Class of 1997 will receive their diplomas this evening at Harry Della Russo Stadium. The Class President is William Churchill. Erin Hill was the  valedictorian and Sheri Molineaux was the salutatorian.

Mayor Robert J. Haas Jr. has criticized both Massport and Masspike for holding hearings on proposed toll increases on the same night, but in different locations. Massport is seeking to increase the fare on the Tobin Bridge from 50 cents to $1.00 and MassPike is seeking to hike the Sumner Tunnel toll from $1.00 to $2.00.

Con Air, Buddy, and Lost World: Jurassic Park are playing at the Revere Showcase Cinemas.


30 years ago

June 3, 1987

Paul H. Cronin, 27, has stepped from his seat as Ward 4 City Councillor and has been appointed to the post of the city’s Sealer of Weights and Measures, which pays $26,582. Cronin topped the Civil Service exam for the job. He has been a city councillor since 1979.

The 326 members of the Revere High Class of 1987 will receive their diplomas next Wednesday morning at Harry Della Russo Stadium. Steven Colarossi,  1982 RHS grad who graduated from Harvard and is attending the Univ. of Virginia Law School, will be the guest speaker. Diane McKenney is the valedictorian and Margaret McLaughlin is the salutatorian. Deanne Mantia is the class president. Mayor George V. Colella, a member of the class of 1945, also will present remarks.

Harry and the Hendersons, The Untouchables, and Ishtar are playing at the Revere Showcase Cinemas.


40 years ago

June 1, 1977

The 576 members of the RHS Class of 1977 will receive their diplomas Tuesday evening at Harry Della Russo Stadium. Congressman Edward J. Markey will be the first commencement speaker for an RHS graduation since 1969.

A Superior Court Judge has ordered the city to restore $573,809 to the School Department budget that had been cut by the City Council. City officials said they will have to borrow the money to do so.

The Revere Kiwanis Club will hold its annual Jail Day this Saturday.

Norman Harrington is the new Exalted Ruler of the Revere Elks.


50 years ago

June 1, 1967

The 459 members of the Revere High Class of 1967 will receive their diplomas next Wednesday morning at Harry Della Russo Stadium. Guest speaker will be Samuel L. Greaves, the Principal at Wellesley High who is recognized as one of the state’s most prominent educators. Joseph C. Cecere is valedictorian and Stephen Zybura will be the salutatorian. Ronald Iovanna is the Class President.

With the City Council having failed to re-apportion the city’s presently mal-apportioned voting wards, the matter will be left to the courts to redraw the city’s voting districts.

The 41 members of the Immaculate Conception High Class of 1967 received their diplomas Sunday evening. Kevin Joseph Cronin won the Stephen Marino Award for the outstanding student-athlete. Judith Ann Brown won the award for the highest average in bookkeeping; Sandra Jean Couture for the highest average in typewriting; and Joan Mary Vetrano for the highest average in stenography. Ruth Elizabeth Andrews won the award for the highest four-year average.

Mayor George V. Colella, speaking at the Memorial Day exercises in Ye Olde Rumney Marsh Burial Ground, called for a “fitting memorial” to honor the city’s war dead.

Mayor George V. Colella announced this week that the cherry sheets just received from the state reveal that Revere will receive a net of $250,000 more than last ear for a new total figure of $2,660,351. The additional receipts will reduce the tax rate by $3.25.

Capt. William Gannon has topped the Civil Service exam for Police Chief.

Burt Lancaster and Paul Scofield star in The Train at the Revere Drive In.


60 years ago

May 30, 1957

Graduation exercises for the 315 members of the RHS Class of 1957 are set for June 13 in Revere Theatre.

The Immaculate Conception High Class of 1957, 33 girls and 14 boys, will receive their diplomas this Sunday evening. The Right Rev. Msgr. Patrick L. O’Connell parish pastor, will deliver the address to the grads. John McSweeney is the Class President.

Memorial Day exercises are set to be held today, starting with a parade at 10:45.

Alan Ladd and Sophia Loren star in Boy on a Dolphin at the Revere Drive In. Gregory Peck stars in Designing Woman at the Revere Theatre.


70 years ago

June 5, 1947

The 326 members of the RHS Class of 1947 will receive their diplomas next Thursday morning, June 12, in the Revere Theatre. A group of 16 members of the class are young men who were called to serve their country in the war, but who

returned to finish their high school education. Another group of 10 young men presently in the armed forces are among the grads.

A crowd estimated at 4000 persons attended the first-ever outdoor Mass held on Memorial Day. The Mass was celebrated from a portable altar at Paul Revere Stadium and was sponsored by Revere Post 61, American Legion. The Mass was preceded by a short parade, that included the Revere High band, from Revere High School to the field.

Ronald Reagan, Alexis Smith, and Zachary Scott star in Stallion Road at the Revere and Boulevard Theatres.

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