Reps Deleo and Vincent Come Through — Again

As we were reading through the list of appropriations that are earmarked for specific projects and programs for Revere in the new state budget proposed by the Mass. House for Fiscal Year 2018, it once again occurred to us how incredibly fortunate we are to have our own State Representatives, House Speaker Bob DeLeo and RoseLee Vincent representing us.

For more than a decade, first as Ways and Means Chairman and then as Speaker of the House, Bob DeLeo has been one of the most powerful legislators on Beacon Hill. Not only has he been in a position to influence legislation that directly benefits our district, but he also has been sure to do so.

For Rep. RoseLee Vincent,  first as a community liason for Rep. William Reinstein and then his daughter Rep. Kathi-Ann Reinstein, Vincent has been involved in local issues for more than 25 years. Some elected officials go off to take big posts at the state or federal level and forget about their home districts — but Bob DeLeo and RoseLee Vincent never have forgotten their roots and where they came from.

Moreover, as has been the case throughout their legislative career, Bob’s and RoseLee’s dedication to their home communities has not been trivial. Rather, what they have done  for us has had a huge impact on the Revere district.

The appropriations for FY 2018 include these meaningful priorities for our district:

$250,000 for CAPIC’s Emergency Services Program;

$900,000 for the Metropolitan Beaches Commission;

$1,030,000 for directed State Police patrols, including patrols on Revere Beach;

$250,000 for a Child Safety grant for the town of Revere; and

$50,000 grant for Revere’s Substance Use Disorder initiatives.

These appropriations are only the latest in what can be labeled as an amazing run for our community during their tenure on Beacon Hill. It occurred to us how lucky we are to be living in a period of such unprecedented benefits for our district.

Perhaps the most-apt analogy to consider is the streak of success that fans of the New England Patriots are enjoying in the Bill Belichick era. Younger Pats’ fans take for granted their team’s five Super Bowl titles in this century,  but those of us with a sense of perspective, who remember the team’s lean times, know that the winning we enjoy now will be only a fond memory when Bill Belichick moves on.

So too, some day Bob DeLeo and RoseLee Vincent will not be our State Representatives and the benefits to our district that we expect every year will not be there.

So if you see Bob or RoseLee around, we suggest that you offer them a simple, “Thank you” for what they have done — and continue to do — for our community, year-in and year-out.

And when you do so, maybe also say to them, “..and please don’t retire anytime soon!”

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