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RevereTV Always Committed to Seniors –

Thank You

 Dear friends:

The Revere Office of Elder Affairs and the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center are truly fortunate to have a great community entity to partner with Revere TV (RTV). Executive Director Bob Dunbar, Scheduling & Program Coordinator Rick Promise, former Community Production Coordinator Bobby Driscoll, and current college student Brandon Pease men exemplify what it means to be community-oriented and community-focus. On behalf of the staff and our senior participants – thank you immensely!

Over the last four years Revere TV has dedicated so much to Revere seniors. RTV regularly posts on their Channel 8 community bulletin the senior center monthly menu, shuttle van transportation regulations, special event news, senior outreach announcements, and other pertinent communications such as the Revere Senior Power newsletter material – all devoted to providing seniors timely and key information. Additionally, they have allowed us to tape in studio the Revere Senior News, a monthly TV show hosted by Morris Morris and myself. Each month RTV, usually Rick, attends our special monthly luncheon where he tapes the entertainment, showing it on Channel 8 often after hours of editing. Seniors love to watch these luncheons while they are at home. At last count and including Open Houses at the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center, RTV has taped 43 events over the last four years. Impressive to say the least. Talk about Senior Power.

If you were to watch Revere TV you would often see a PSA (public service announcement) running continuously for the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center. Seniors gather together and collectively shout out, “We love the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center…Come On Down”. It’s about a ten second promo but very effective and has inspired Revere seniors to check out the senior center.

At our Open House held on April 27th, RTV allowed me to interview seniors and special guests from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. This meant assigning Brandon Pease to man the camera and trusting me to not sabotage or break the microphone. Seniors were given the opportunity to talk about the senior center, what it means to them, and help promote this special place.

Also, last week Executive Director Bob Dunbar and student Brandon Pease spent several hours with me. We taped an updated Senior Center Walk-Through VideoTour. Taping a video is not easy and they surely were patient with me as I stumbled through many takes. I am grateful for their expertise and direction. And, I have nothing but full confidence that they will edit and cultivate this tape to ensure this senior center video will totally convey that the Rossetti-Cowan Senior center is a warm, welcoming, safe, fun, positive environment for our most treasured citizens. Be assured that the seniors interviewed and the programs, services, and activities mentioned will be presented seamlessly.

In closing, know we do not take the staff at Revere TV for granted and truly value our friendship and solid relationship with them. We know it will continue.

Warm Regards,

Stephen W. Fielding

Director, Revere Office Elder Affairs, Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center

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