May Day Demonstrators at City Hall

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

In true May 1 fashion,  demonstrators stood in front of Revere City Hall and in the back of the City Council Chambers Monday evening carried signs supporting the rights of workers.

Also known as International Workers Day, May 1 has traditionally be known as May Day.

The protest was organized by Stand Against Hate In Revere and Revere Immigrant Solidarity Network in hopes of standing up to hate, immigrant rights and human rights.

Holding signs that said “Safe & Welcoming Revere”, “Revere is for Everyone”, “Equal Rights for All” and “Citizens for an Inclusive Revere” the group of about 30 demonstrators had hoped to have a chance to talk before the city council. When they found out they were not on the agenda they left the council chambers.

Council President Robert Haas Jr. said that May 1 was also Loyalty Day. Loyalty Day is to reaffirm loyalty to the United States and for the recognition of the heritage of American freedom.

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