Councillors Have Every Right to be Upset

The saga of the Wonderland Dog Track site continues on, as Councillors again brought up the issue at Monday’s night meeting.

Cars and revenue for the owners of the site keep increasing, while the increased dangerous risks for Revere and area firefighters also are increasing.

City officials were told that the buildings would be torn down three months ago.  Yet, they are still standing.

Everyone knows that these buildings, closed and vacant since dog racing was outlawed in Massachusetts about a decade ago, have been left to the elements and are a possible firetrap that must be torn down.

Looking objectively, one could assume the primary concern for the owners of this site is to continue to increase their profits over safety for Revere firefighters.

On the one hand,  the thousands of cars are parked at a safe distance from the deteriorating structure.  On the other hand, there will be no safe distance if a fire occurs at this site for Revere firefighters

With this scenario, Revere officials must look at the possibility of loss of life or severe injury of our firefighters if a fire fanned by a strong wind were to happen at this site.

Seldom has a case been so stark of pitting economic profits ahead of human safety.

The owners of this site must be held accountable to tear down the buildings that everyone agrees is uninhabitable and a fire risk.

The City Councilors continue to ask, why is the demolition not happening.

We add that demolition needs to happen now before a tragedy occurs.

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