Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank Revere city council members George Rotondo and Patrick Keefe for their most gracious and timely response to a parking matter in Ward-4 .

There had been a No Parking sign removed during last year’s Mountain Avenue street construction at the corner of Mountain Ave. and Adams Street which made it dangerous to navigate and right turn from Adams onto Mountain.

Having called both Council members, not only did they return my calls, but also they actually took a one-on-one approach with my safety concerns.

I am truly grateful for my City representation in this matter as I feel now that area is a safer place for all in the neighborhood.

To Council members Keefe and Rotondo I would like to say, Thank You! Your heartfelt dedication to out great city will never be lost within my heart.

Jon Santeusanio 

Mountain Avenue


To the Editor,

At the April 3, 2017 City Council meeting Councillor Rotondo requested that the “City Council go on record against any effort to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state. Further that a copy of this vote be presented with a letter to our State delegation stating such.”

Councillor Rotondo supports a wall paid by taxpayers and the beliefs of hate and separation of the current President. As a Revere resident these efforts of the City Council, especially Councillor Rotondo, do not represent me and fellow residents of Revere.

I applaud the efforts of Senator Jamie Eldridge of Acton and Representative Juana Matias of Lawrence in sponsoring the Massachusetts Safe Communities Act, introduced in both the House and Senate. It would make Massachusetts the fifth sanctuary state, joining California, Colorado, Connecticut, and New Mexico. The Safe Communities Act would ensure state funds are not used to enforce federal immigration policy and prevent state law enforcement from collaborating with federal immigration agencies.

I am furious that it flies in the face of common sense of Councillor Rotondo not to protect our city, where in the 2010 census and updated numbers from American Community Survey from 2011-2015, 34.9% of Revere residents are foreign born.

Immigration and deportation is not an individual issue it impacts families. To label immigrants as criminals is xenophobic and racist. At this meeting, Councillor Zambuto said we “multiply like cockroaches”. This whether said in the context of criminals or not, is beyond racist. Having heard this from a local elected official makes me feel less of a person, and no one, no one, should have to feel this way.

To these Councillors, the commentary behind a sanctuary state does not lack validity. The validity is here you are not listening. Sanctuary state or city does not mean harboring criminals. Revere not so far from Boston, which benefits from the proximity in many ways, Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh has said “The threat of cutting federal funding from cities across the country that aim to foster trusting relationships between their law enforcement and the immigrant community is irresponsible and destructive.” Revere’s elected officials should take the lead and join Mayor Marty Walsh and former Revere Mayor and current City Manager Tom Ambrosino in protecting all residents of the city.

By creating a division of “us” and “them” we push this great city into the darkness while the cities and towns surrounding us continue to prosper with immigrants standing side by side, and not in the shadows in fear, and certainly not as “cockroaches”.

Proud Revere Resident

Dimple Rana

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