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Dear Editor

I’d like to thank everyone that helped make our 18th Annual St. Patrick’s Day event another great success last Wednesday night!  It was so good to see so many old friends, along with many new ones.  As I announced my candidacy for Councilor-at-Large, I couldn’t help but reflect back over the many years that Iv’e been privileged to serve our city, and how I’ve been blessed to have the support of so many of our residents and members of our business community.  From my days in the Revere Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce, to my years on the City Council and then on as Mayor, we have done some great things together.  And there is much more to do.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Dan Rizzo



Dear Editor

Thanks to all who helped the Shamrock Splash  The Revere Beach Partnership is most grateful to all of the plungers and spectators who came to Revere Beach on March 5th to support us at our fund raising event, The Shamrock Splash. This fundraiser benefits the non-profit “Save the Harbor/Save the Bay.” The money raised from this activity will be used by the Revere Beach Partnership to fund events on Revere Beach. Special thanks goes to the following: Kelly’s for providing clam chowder during the event. On such an extremely cold day, it certainly was the perfect end to a cold dip. Kelly’s is one of the most generous businesses in Revere and is always supportive of the many activities that take place in and for Revere. Revere Fire Department for providing the measure of safety necessary in an event such as this. The Revere Fire Department consists of firefighters who are consummate professionals and can always be relief upon when needed. DCR, our partner at Revere Beach, for always making sure that the beach is ready for any event that we may sponsor. A special thanks to Brian Kelly, the manager of Revere Beach, for his extraordinary efforts on our behalf. Revere TV for taping the event. This added coverage will hopefully provide an incentive for more participation in this event next year. Revere TV, under the auspices of Bob Dunbar, is always willing to provide overage for local events and that is most appreciated. The Army JROTC students from Revere High School for providing the gauntlet through which the plungers ran for the plunge and for participating in the Plunge. The Commander of this group, Major Bowker, is to be commended for shaping this group of students into a cohesive, disciplined unit that contributes so much to the city of Revere and provides a fine example of the student population at Revere High School. The entire city is proud of this group.

Carol Haney

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