Snow Blankets City With 23 Inches

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Revere received almost two feet of snow over the last several days as three storms kept the temperatures cold and snow levels high. However residents were undaunted by the snow fall accumulations. Pictured above, Alejandro Aguilar (left), Jaime Jr. (middle) and Dad, Jaime Sr. are playing in the snow at Susan B Anthony School.

The one, two, three punch blanketed the City with over a foot of snow, closing schools for three days and City Hall last Thursday.

Winter storm Niko dropped 14 inches last Thursday, with other storms dropping four inches on Saturday and five inches Sunday into Monday, even though more had been predicted.

Department of Public Works Head Don Goodwin said his crews were going full speed, plowing, sanding, salting, shoveling and snow-blowing.

“The men and the equipment got beat up a bit,” Goodwin said. “Things like broken hoses, plow edges and an alternator on one truck.”

Fifty-one contractors joined 24 DPW staffers for snow removal around the 10-mile square foot city. Even Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna rode along with DPW plow driver Jim Mercurio for a couple of hours last Thursday.

Goodwin said the biggest hindrance to plowing is people parking where they’re not supposed to be and people throwing snow in the street when they shovel.

“The mix of ice, snow, and rain was a challenge,” Goodwin said. “We used a lot of salt.”

The Senior Center, Parks and Recreation Department, and Library were closed last Thursday and Friday. City Hall opened Friday for its regularly scheduled half day.

The Mayor added a snow bonus for young people to help them shovel. Young people were encouraged to shovel out a fire hydrant or a senior citizen, then take a before and after picture showing off their work and post it on Facebook. In return youth between 14-18 can get a $20 Revere restaurant gift certificate or $20 for family expenses, especially ones incurred on a snow day from school.

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers said there were reports of a few missed streets, which he said can happen when an outside contractor comes in to plow the streets.

“They may not know all the streets,” Powers said.

Residents were also reminded that space savers are not allowed in Revere and a Tweet from City Hall said, “keep your furniture inside.”

Wonderland MBTA garage gave folks looking for parking a break. It offered parking for $5 for 24 hours.

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