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New Police Chief

 Dear Editor,

I was a little upset, but I cannot say I was surprised to hear about Mayor Brian Arrigo’s plans to replace Chief Joe Cafarelli. It’s kind of an insult to the people of Revere to use the excuse that he wants someone “who can work with the immigrant population.” Chief Cafarelli has extensive experience working with the immigrants of Revere, having worked the Shirley Avenue district for years. Many times I have seen Chief Cafarelli cruising the neighborhoods and taking the time to talk to the residents. It’s very refreshing to have a police chief that doesn’t spend all his time behind his desk. Chief Cafarelli comes from a long line of law enforcement, was a U.S. Marine, and has a long history in this city. The overall crime rate in the city has dropped since Chief Cafarelli’s appointment. I assume Mayor Arrigo “promised” this position before he was even elected, but in the long run, I think he is going to find he made a big mistake!

John Prendergast

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