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Obama Land Mine Policy

Dear Editor;

Long before Secretary John Kerry entered Washington politics, he was a local politician and a friend to the City of Revere. Revere’s State Senator, Fran Doris introduced John Kerry to Revere in our Columbus Day Parade. He kept in touch with many Revere office holders, including myself , who he endorsed for a local office. He has helped and funded many of the issue’s of our city, such as flood proofing, airport noise abatement procedures and school funding.

Now he’s on a National stage and in his last days as Secretary of State he’s focusing on the settlement issue in Israel. Why isn’t Secretary of State John Kerry focusing on slavery in Africa where Muslims are enslaving young Christian girls? Or the slaughter of what ISIS is doing in the Middle East? Why is he doing President Obama’s dirty work in the last days of the Obama administration?

The United Nations Security Council voted on December 23, to demand that Israel stop building in the Jewish Quarter where some 500,000 Israelis live as well in East Jerusalem where 200,000 Israelis live. President Obama chose not to ” veto” the security council resolution, and by doing so he has caused a major effect on the region.

This is the first time in 40 years that the United States did not vote with Israel and is now condemning Israel’s actions for what they do in their own homeland. The Obama administration has waited until the final minute to show, what he really thinks of Israel.

Those of us who listened to Prime Minister’s Benjamin Netanyahu warnings that President Obama is not a friend of Israel, were proven right by President Obama’s actions.

The Obama administration has messed up in every foreign policy decision since day one. This list of blunders are mind boggling, from Iraq, Afghanistan, the mass murders in Syria, the Egyptian coup, the proposed Qaddafi transition and giving guns to ISIS, then Benghazi and the Iranian plane load of money for peace. Now, President Obama is going to make everyone who lives in the West Bank and East Jerusalem a criminal.

Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas noted how “President Obama is the most anti- Israel president in American History” . This is a complete change from the days of 2011-2012 when President Obama needed pro- Israel voters for his reelection. In 2012 President Obama spoke at AIPAC ( American Israel Public Affairs Committee), and stated “is there any doubt that I have Israel’s back”. This reversal of the pro -Israel policy will be counterproductive for peace in the Middle East. This will give the Palestinians false hope in thinking they have a claim on Jerusalem and the Jewish Quarter. This will ultimately lead to more violence.

By President Obama abstaining on the UN resolution and not supporting the only democracy, in the Middle East, once again shows his failed foreign policy.

Once the Security Council votes, these resolutions become international law. The declaration of this UN resolution now lays the claim that Israel could face the International Criminal Court and anyone of the 700,000 Israelis who live in the West Bank and East Jerusalem could be hauled into the International Criminal Court.

The East Jerusalem and the Jewish Quarter, have been populated by Jews for over a 1,000 years. In the war of independence of 1948 the Arab nations invaded the West Bank and Jerusalem and expelled all the Jews ,then destroyed all the synagogues and all the Jewish homes. All Jews were prohibited from going back to the Jewish Quarter. Israel got control back after the six day war of 1967 . Now the UN resolution will make anyone who lives in the Jewish Quarter and East Jerusalem an outlaw ,and subject to International court action.

The United States presently pays 22% of the United Nations budget. Senator Lindsay Graham from South Carolina , has stated he will try to reverse the UN resolution by blocking the United Nations funding. The United Nations will be looking for the United States to fund the implementation of this resolution.

President Obama has finally shown his true colors and true feelings of Israel.

He continues to leave land mines in the Middle East with his Anti- Israel policies before he leaves office. Just look what’s going on in the Middle East. With all the death we see in Aleppo and Syria , there’s war all over Yeman and Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon.

The Jewish Quarter and East Jerusalem are communities and neighborhoods with schools, synagogues, shops and permanent structures, where people live and raise their families.

The one thing President Obama and Secretary John Kerry are focusing on ,in the last days of this administration is to stop Jews from living in the Jewish Quarters of Israel.

Hal Abrams

Revere ,MA


Reader seeks to raise awareness of MS

My name is Alex Saunders, and I’m a Beacon Hill resident. This April, I’m going to be running the London Marathon with the MS-UK charity team.

I wanted to use this opportunity to tell you a bit about multiple sclerosis (MS). MS is a degenerative disease that affects over 2.3 million people worldwide. MS causes the loss of myelin in the central nervous system, which disrupts the ability of nerves to conduct electrical impulses to and from the brain.

The cause of MS is unknown, and the progression of the disease can be unpredictable. Folks with MS experience a wide range of symptoms, such as vision loss, tremors, trouble walking, slurred speech, memory loss, anxiety and mood swings, and more. Over 400,000 Americans are affected by MS, and about 20,000 people die from MS each year. MS is the most widespread disabling neurological condition of young adults in the world, and is typically diagnosed in people between the ages of 20 and 50.

There is no known cure for MS at this time, though medications can help slow the progression of the disease and manage symptoms. By supporting organizations like MS-UK, you can help researchers find a cure for MS.

MS-UK is a national charity dedicated to MS research and improving the lives of people with MS. I’m really excited to be a part of the team, and to be running my first marathon! If you would like to learn more about MS or MS-UK, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Additionally, I have a fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving, and would greatly appreciate donations. My page can be found at: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/AlexSaunders

Alex Saunders


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