Keefe Seeks Plebiscite for Marijuana Shops in Revere

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Monday night Ward 4 Councillor Patrick Keefe announced to the city council that he’d like a petition drive to put the topic of marijuana shops back in the hands of voters to stop any shops in Revere.

“I want to get ahead of the bill,” Keefe said. “If you read the bill you will see there is an ‘opt-out’ section. I feel 10 times more passionate about this than anything.

Keefe noted that Question 4, seeking to make the recreational use of marijuana legal, on the November 8 ballot was passed by the state but failed in Revere with 10,184 ’no’ votes and 9,142 ‘yes’ votes.

The medical marijuana dispensary planned for Railroad Avenue would be grandfathered. The business has not opened yet and has just one more step to take with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, which grants medical marijuana licenses.

He noted that putting a stop to a slot casino and pot shops is in keeping with the push to make a better image for Revere.

“There’s no way, shape, or form to have this in our city,” Keefe said. “I will call for a petition vote. The money isn’t worth it.”

Keefe urged people to call or email to get the petition going.

“These types of establishments have a right in our society,” said Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso, adding that issues like the former Moonlight Video resulted in the creation of the TED district.

Guinasso and Ward 2 Councillor Ira Novoselsky agreed that the city solicitor should look at the bill and confirm if there is an “opt-out” section.

Councillor-at-Large George Rotondo said people are going to go somewhere else to get marijuana.

“I’m not going to tell someone what vice to use,” he said. “But I do question people driving under the influence (of pot).”

The council approved Keefe motion to seek information from the Mayor and the City Solicitor.

1 comment for “Keefe Seeks Plebiscite for Marijuana Shops in Revere

  1. Bob
    December 8, 2016 at 10:03 pm

    So we should also shut down all the Liquor stores also. I am not saying this as a user of either products, but Marijuana at least has a medical purpose that has been lied about and criminalized since the Nixon years. Alcohol just destroys the body, yet there is no outcry to shut down the stores that sell it.
    In fact it is in all stores now and coming soon to a supermarket near you. Yet Bourbon/scotch drinking politicians can sit home and have their third glass and cry about a medical marijuana facility coming to their town. Kind of hypocritical dont you think? Talk to anyone who works the door at any bar/ club around and they will tell you they would rather deal with someone who smoked a little herb than someone who was drinking shots all night.

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