Revere Election Results

img_9126Revere voters turned out in healthy numbers in the 2016 Presidential Election. Voters let it be known that despite the national outcome they preferred Hillary Clinton, with 11,870 local votes (59 percent) to Donald Trump who garnered 6,877 local votes (34 percent). With 27,727 registered voters in the city, just over 71 percent came out.

Voters across the Commonwealth and in Revere rejected Question 1 which would have petitioned the Gaming Commission for a license for a slots parlor casino off Revere Beach Parkway. In an earlier vote. Revere voters also voted “no” on Oct. 18 by a two to one margin when they were faced with a similar question regarding a proposed slots parlor casino. There were 1,846,327 “no” votes statewide and 11,162 or 56 percent “no” votes from Revere residents for Question 1. In Revere, there were 7,312 “yes” votes.

“I’m very happy that it didn’t pass. We don’t need a slots parlor in Revere and Wynn’s $2 billion facility is just a couple miles away,” said Ward 1 Councillor Joanne McKenna. “The question was misleading when they put it out there saying it was going to be at Suffolk Downs.”

“I’m happy to see that the rest of the Commonwealth stood with Revere voters in decisively voting down Question 1,” said Mayor Brian Arrigo. “The voters saw through the false promises, mistruths and plain lies. No matter how hard the proponents try to divide our community, we will always be able to make the right call and fight together for a better future for our city.”

On the other three ballot questions, 11,650 Revere voters said “no” to charter school expansion in Question 2 and 6,872 voted “yes”; on Question 3 to improve conditions for farm animals, 14,362 voted in favor and 3,885 against; and Question 4 to legalize marijuana failed in Revere with a vote of 10,184 for and 9,142 against.

In the race for Register of Deeds for Suffolk County, Stephen Murphy garnered 8,748 votes in Revere while Margherita Ciampa-Coyne lagged behind with 2,314 votes. Joseph Donnelly Jr. came in with 1,490 votes and John Keith showed with 965 votes for the Register of Deeds race. 

In the race for Regional School Committee representing Revere Ronald Jannino topped Louis Spagnola 7,966 votes to 5,314. Other Regional School Committee winners were:

Michael Wall – 10,642

Jeanne Feeley – 8,489

Henry Hooten – 10,007

Judith Dyment – 9,682

Robert McCarthy – 9,691

Ronald Jannino – 7,966

Peter Rosetti Jr. – 10,219

Lawrence Means – 9,399

Vincent Carisella – 9,541

John Bradley – 9,400

Dawne Armistead – 3,667

Deborah Davis – 9,267

Uncontested races:

Katherine Clark, U.S. Congress – 12,819

Terence Kennedy, Councillor – 12,684

Joseph Boncore, State Senate – 12,877

RoseLee Vincent, State Representative – 7,625

Robert DeLeo, State Representative – 5,543

Steven Tompkins, Suffolk Cty. Sheriff – 12,064

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