Congratulations,Chief Doherty

Gene Doherty has retired as the chief of the Revere Fire Department, ending a distinguished 46-year career in the profession.

Every day on the job Gene Doherty brought his best and he understood the strong fraternity that is firefighting.

At Sunday’s Firefighters Memorial Ceremony, Speaker Robert A. DeLeo said that firefighters are heroes and we agree. Every day firefighters may find themselves in a dangerous situation where a split-second decision could save a life.

Chief Doherty was an absolute innovator in finding solutions for first-responders to the opiate epidemic. He helped usher in the use of Narcan by first-responders to combat the high rate of opioid overdoses in the area.

Chief Doherty was also instrumental in the construction of two new fire stations in the city. The chief wanted the best and most state-of-the-art apparatus for his firefighters and he worked hard to achieve that goal.

During the 9/11 tragedy in New York City, Doherty assisted at the scene, joining his brother firefighters in a comprehensive rescue and cleanup effort.

Thank you, Chief Doherty, for decades of outstanding service in the Revere Fire Department. We join the entire city in commending you for the noble work you performed in the name of public safety.


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