Electronic Gaming Proposed … Again

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

If you pull the lever and three cherries don’t line up in a row…try again.

That’s what developer Eugene McCain, managing director of Alliance Capital, LLC is ready to do in Revere.

At the last council meeting on May 23, McCain proposed that Revere consider either enter a memorandum of understanding or host city agreement to have an electronic gaming establishment in Revere, at Suffolk Downs or the trailer park on Lee Burbank Highway.

“Revere has been on a rollercoaster,” McCain said.

Using information from a survey of Revere residents by Meeting Street Research, a national polling firm, McCain said that 325 registered voters were interviewed between May 3-5. McCain said that 72 percent of those interviewed said people should have a right to decide on their own if they want to gamble or not. In addition, 44 percent said that if the initiative is passed they would strongly support Revere hosting the second gaming site in the state. He also proposes two hotels.

There is a statewide ballot initiative on the November ballot asking voters if they would like a second Electronic Gaming Facility in Massachusetts. The is already on in Plainville.

 “To fund this campaign, the developers and backers of the initiative must know that they have the city of Revere as their partners in this effort,” McCain said. “There is interest.”

While his presentation was a bit unexpectedly on the long side, Council President Jessica Gianinno let McCain know that it was not the time for a full-blown explanation of his idea. He will come back in front of a council committee in the future.

“It would give Revere a second kick at the cans,” McCain said, adding there would be jobs, tax benfits, and education funding.

According to his survery, McCain said the citizens of Revere support, with a 1-2 margin that the city enter a memorandum of understanding or a host community agreement.

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