The End of An Era

For those of us who grew up in this area a generation (or more) ago, a mid-summer Friday night was not complete without stopping at Wonderland Dog Track to watch Swifty outrun the greyhounds.  You would get into the grandstand and place your bets — hopefully hitting the Trifecta — and then go off to Kelly’s for a midnight snack (when we could eat anything and never put on any weight).

But those days are long gone (as is our slim waist-line). The old dog track now is just an eyesore in a neighborhood that is seeking to move forward, as well as a nuisance that makes it a dangerous attraction to youngsters and others.

Last week, under the dogged leadership of Councillors Bob Haas and John Powers, the Conservation Commission approved the razing of all the former racing buildings.

This should come as great news for the neighborhood. New apartment buildings are being built that will overlook the ocean and the occupants now will see a lot that will be cleared of a decrepit structure.

With the demolition approved, the possibilities for future development truly are open.  In a recent study, it was shown that residential units near the Revere Beach and Beachmont train stations had the lowest real estate prices compared to any other public transportation stations in the Boston area.

This could all start changing now that the area soon will receive a major facelift.

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