Congratulations to Youth in Motion

The recent opening of the new facility of Youth in Motion on Broadway is a testament to the faith of Deborah Kneeland Keegan in the future of Revere.

Deborah has built a quality facility to serve school-age children year-round in a safe and affordable after-school program.

The fact that many elected officials were on hand to view the facility and offer their praise for the programs that Youth in Motion offers was a firm testament to the need for this type of facility in our community.

Parents are fully aware what the statistics show: That the afternoon hours between the final bell of the school day and the parents’ arrival at home from work present the most dangerous time for their children to be unsupervised.

But now there is an alternative for parents in Revere that will keep their children out of trouble and free from mischief-making.

We offer a sincere, “Thank you” to Debbie Kneeland Keegan for making Revere a better — and safer — place for our children.

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