Democrats Rally Around Senate Nominee Joe Boncore

By John Lynds

First Suffolk and Middlesex State Senate nominee Joe Boncore and the five other candidates that ran for the seat during Tuesday, April 12 special election put aside their differences and broke bread at Donna’s Restaurant last Thursday morning.

The breakfast, hosted by State Democratic Committee Chairman, Sen. Thomas McGee, was aimed at bringing all democrats together behind Boncore after the hotly contested race to replace former Senator Anthony Petruccelli of East Boston.

At the breakfast, Boncore joined candidates Rep. Jay Livingstone, Lydia Edwards, Diana Hwang, Revere City Councilor Steve Morabito and Paul Rogers and all will be supporting Boncore during May’s General Election on Tuesday, May 10. The only former candidate for the senate seat that did not show up to the ‘unity’ breakfast was former Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo but Revere’s new Mayor Brian Arrigo was on hand to congratulate Boncore and show solidarity with the state party.

Senate President Stan Rosenberg also stopped by the breakfast to congratulate Boncore and the other candidates for a hard fought race.

 “I was thrilled to be joined by fellow Democrats and the candidates for the special Democratic primary,” said Boncore. “Regardless of our differences on certain issues, we each understand that in the end, supporting the Democratic nominee is what is most important for the district – win or lose. Each of them ran respectful campaigns and I look forward to earning their support this coming fall.”

Sen. McGee said Thursday morning’s breakfast was a great show of support for our newest state Senator, Joe Boncore.

“Joe (Boncore) earned his victory on Tuesday by running a true grassroots campaign, knocking on doors and having one-on-one conversations with voters about issues important to working families,” said McGee. “I look forward to working with Joe in the state Senate and I’m confident he’s going to be a great Senator and strong advocate for the district. As the Senator from the neighboring district, Joe and I will be working together very closely and I was proud to stand with Joe, the Senate President and elected officials from throughout Suffolk County this morning to officially welcome him to the state Senate.”

McGee added in a sign of continued strength for the Democratic Party in the First Suffolk and Middlesex District, the Republicans won’t even field an opponent for Joe.

“I also want to thank all the candidates who put their names on the ballot,” said McGee. “While they came up short on Tuesday, their voices and their values make our Party stronger and I look forward to working with them as we elect Democrats up and down the ballot in November.”

Rep. Livingstone of Beacon Hill, who finished third in the election and was an early front runner said, “It is great after a contested race that Democrats can come together.  I look forward to working with Joe Boncore in the State House and think he will be very effective Senator for the whole District.”

Rogers, one of three candidates to emerge from Eastie during the race said, “It’s not easy losing a long and hard fought campaign, but I’m here at today’s (last Thursday’s) breakfast to show support for Joe Boncore.  He ran a great campaign, built up an admirable following of voters and was always a gentleman throughout.  If he tackles half the issues he spoke of during the campaign I have a little doubt he’ll be a fine State Senator.  I wish him nothing but success.”

Revere City Council Vice President Morabito added that these past months of campaigning were a sprint to the finish line for all the candidates.

“We all ran vigorous campaigns,” said Morabito. “This made it difficult for us to slow down on the campaign trail and it was almost impossible for us to stop.  Having the candidates together in an informal  and relaxing atmosphere was a change of pace, especially after a very contested Senate race. After an election,  it is understood that unresolved tensions within government, if any,  are a complete negative, it also needs unity.  This is why I commend our Democratic State Leaders for hosting the Unity Breakfast this past Thursday. Whether we’re talking about a sports team, a health care team or the Democratic Party, unity is essential for relations between  elected and non-elected parts of government. Government is not just about good ideas and good politics, unity is the key.. Everyone  must be on the same page and  moving in the right direction with a shared vision, focus and purpose for the betterment of the  our state and its people.”

Revere Mayor Arrigo added that, “It was great to sit down with our legislative delegation and the field of outstanding candidates who ran for Senate. We had a chance to talk productively about how we can work together to move our communities forward. Arrigo I look forward to working together with these candidates and with Joe Boncore to deliver for our residents.”

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