Billboards on Council’s Agenda

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Revere has the most number of billboards than any community in the Commonwealth and Monday night the Revere City Council will discuss two on Broadway at Ferragamo Way.

The billboard owners, Squire Circle Associates of 61 Squire Road, would like to reconstruct and covert the existing two non-conforming outdoor advertising billboards to digital billboards on lots 840, 841, and 862 Broadway on Ferragamo Way.

The request certainly has the attention of the Revere Beautification Committee, who would like the city council to enact an ordinance for billboards, both digital and traditional. The topic of billboard regulation has been going on for at least the last seven years, said resident Ron Champoux. “We have an inordinate number of billboards in Revere,” he said.

“We’re not opposed to billboards per say,” said Carol Haney of the Revere Beautification Committee. “We’d like an ordinance that would put a plan in place for current and future billboards.”

There are several points the committee would to make. They would like to see a cap on the number of traditional billboards, a cap on digital billboards, a yearly permit fee and a cost of living upgrade. Champoux said another stipulation they would like is that when one digital billboard comes to the city, two traditional billboards should come down.

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