Letter to the Editor

Supporter of Joe Boncore for State Senate

Dear Editor:

During my time in the Army, I have had the opportunity to meet some of the greatest men and women I know.

When I decide to support a candidate and put my efforts into getting them elected, it’s a must that Veterans are a priority to them.

Back in January, I had the chance to meet Joseph Boncore. I sat with Joe and talked for over an hour and asked what he would do to support Veterans in the district. Joe’s response was great. Joe told me he did not serve, but, anyone that has worn the uniform is a priority. He did not claim to know Veteran services, but having a dedicated veteran on his staff could only strengthen his understanding of the issues important to us.

As a disabled Veteran, I attend many events, Wounded Vet Ride Cabin Fever event, National Guard Charity Hockey event, Vietnam Memorial event, and others. Joe Boncore was true to his word, attending all events even when there was not a huge crowd, he stayed and showed his support. Joe wanted to better understand issues facing  Veterans in our district.

Joe Boncore’s dedication to the Veteran Community in our district, is one of many reasons why I am supporting him in the Senate race.

As a disabled Veteran, I ask all my brother’s and sister’s in the community, to join me in supporting Joe, helping seat a Senator that backs his talk with his actions.

April 12, vote Joseph Boncore for state senate.

CPL Marc Silvestri (Ret) U.S. Army

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