Letter to the Editor

Rizzo committed to helping senior citizens

Dear Editor:

Speaking as a senior citizen, my vote goes to Dan Rizzo for State Senate.  Frankly, there are no other candidates that have done more, or will do more for seniors in this district. As a senior in Revere, I have personally seen the Mayor work for me and my friends.  I believe he will bring the same passion he’s had for us in our community to Beacon Hill.   I have met no other candidate that I believe cares as much about my needs as Dan had done for us in Revere, and I know he will continue as our next Senator.  Dan Rizzo is someone I trust to have my best interests at heart, and that is why I, on April 12th I am voting for him as our next State Senator.

As Mayor of Revere, Dan worked non-stop with the Department of Elder Affairs and the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center to improve the quality of life for me and other seniors. He helped guarantee that seniors like me enjoy a safe, healthy, and pleasant lifestyle through his advocacy for safe transportation and healthy meal programs. These programs have helped me and seniors throughout Revere immensely because he made sure they were implemented with care, and as a result, are extremely effective.  Dan Rizzo is unmatched by any of his opponents in his track record with seniors.

 Lastly, I know Dan will not forget me and our seniors when he’s elected State Senator.  And, using his experience in Revere, he’ll bring the necessary background and knowledge he’s achieved as a way to get things done for senior citizens throughout his district.  Anyone who knows him understands that he really wants to improve our quality of life.  His dedication and commitment to help us control our costs, provide necessary services, and have access to quality healthcare and affordable prescription drugs makes him the best choice for State Senate for seniors out of all the candidates. His skill set is uniquely designed to take on key issues impacting seniors on Beacon Hill,  and I know he’ll improve Massachusetts’ senior policies for the entire state. Every senior citizen should enjoy the benefits we have in Revere, and that is why I am voting Dan Rizzo for State Senate.

Vin Cammarata

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