A List of Top 100 Paid City Employees:Former Revere Public Schools Superintendent Paul Dakin Is Highest Paid at $366,497

By Seth Daniel

The Top 100 highest paid employees from 2015 in the City of Revere were unveiled recently by the City Finance Department – with former Supt. Paul Dakin breaking all barriers in his last year with a total of $366,497 in compensation.

No one aside from former Police Chief Terence Reardon has made more than $300,000, and that situation  a few years ago had to do with a contract buyout and was also buoyed by extensive police detail pay.

“That salary is built on a number of components this time,” said Dakin, who is now retired from the schools and no longer on the payroll. “I was actually on the payroll as superintendent emeritus to help with the transition of the new leadership team and to mentor Dianne Kelly. A chunk of my pay from July, August, September, October, November and December is from that. It was similar work and a transition…It wouldn’t have been such a large salary if we hadn’t gone forward with that mentoring piece. It would have been eye-popping still, but not this much…It costs money to do that, but the transition is a lot smoother…I think it is worth it to make sure the district doesn’t take one step back in the transition before moving forward.”

Other pieces of his final Revere salary included sick day buyback, longevity and other similar pieces related to his final year in the district.

Dakin retired officially and was removed form the payroll on Dec. 23, 2015.

Beyond Dakin, Chief Joe Cafarelli came in at second with $213,664 in pay, which includes no police details. Most every police officer salary does include detail work that is hours worked over and above the normal shifts. That money is largely paid by private companies and not by the City.

Cafarelli’s salary this year was just slightly less than his 2014 pay, which was $218,431. Since his first year on the job, though, Cafarelli’s pay is up by nearly $50,000.

He said he is the face of the department and strives every day to make sure he earns that pay and represents the department and the City well.

“It’s humbling to look at that salary and to think, ‘Am I worth it?’” he said. “I am the face of the department and strive to represent well the men and women on the department. It is a high salary and it makes me really want to make sure I am representing the men and women on the department to the best of my ability and keeping the residents safe every day.”

Third on the list was former Chief Terence Reardon, now a captain. Reardon made $200,297 in 2015, with $67,704 in details.

The top five was rounded out by more police, including Executive Officer James Guido ($197,276) and Lt. David Callahan ($185,771).

In fact, of the Top 100 highest paid employees, some 43 were police officers.

There were 34 people in the Top 100 list from the schools, the second highest group – which meant the list of highest paid City employees was once again dominated by police and school employees.

Other highlights include:

  • Former Mayor Dan Rizzo came in at #32 with $135,307.
  • Current Supt. Dianne Kelly was at #8 with $171,963.
  • The king of details once again was Officer Louis LaRosa, who made $96,570 in details within his $170,729 total salary.
  • The highest paid City Hall employee was Director of Finance George Anzuoni, who came in at #14 with $152,853.
  • There were 170 employees that made more than $100,000 in the year. Last year there were 168 making more than $100,000. The first person to earn more than $200,000 came in 2011, while the first person to earn more than $100,000 came in 2001.

Top 100 Highest Paid Employees Gross Wages 2015

Name                            Position              Total Pay       Detail

  1. Dakin, Paul Supt. $366,497.64
  2. Cafarelli, Joseph Police Chief $213,663.75
  3. Reardon, Terence Police Captain $200,296.50   67,704.00
  4. Guido, James Police Exec. $197,275.60   50,530.20
  5. Callahan, David Police Lt. $185,770.54   43,451.50
  6. Malley, Glen Police Lt. $183,237,02   58,842.00
  7. Doherty, Eugene Fire Chief $181,299.99
  8. Kelly, Dianne Superintendent $171,963.47
  9. Larosa, Louis Police Officer $170,729.46   96,569.60

10.Internicola, Jos.        Police Officer      $164,070.60   70,233.20

11.Callahan, Charles     Police Officer      $160,114.77   49,943.22

12.Goodwin, Jeremiah  Police Sgt.           $154,145.70   31,800.20

13.Randall, Sean           Police Lt.            $153,127.20   32,386.20

14.Anzuoni, George      Treas/Chief         $152,853.09

15.Ruggiero, Carl          Police Exec.        $152,553.50   24,324,20

16.Malone, Chris           Asst. Supt.         $152,393.97

17.Collyer, Dennis        Police Capt.        $151,982.05   13,876.80

18.Nelson, John            Police Sgt.           $151,834.90   57,099.00

19.Argenzio, Paul          Gen. Foreman     $151,026.31

20.Covino, Joseph        Police Sgt.           $150,685.15   23,551.90

21.Maglione, Jos.          Gen. Foreman     $150,383.98

22.Bright, Chris            Fire Sr. Chief      $148,386.64   5,524.00

23.Colannino, Kevin     Police Sgt.           $147,367.59   33,200.00

24.Garcia, Lourenco      Principal             $144,092.25

25.Mokaba-Bernardo D.                          Asst. Supt.     $142,744.51

26.Misci, Thomas          Principal             $141,191.32

27.Kruse, Matthew        School Bus. Ad. $139,375.70

28.Rosenthal, Daniel     Police Officer      $138,584.84   57,963.30

29.Willett, Joanne         Principal             $138,190.16

30.Kelly, Barbara          Principal             $136,708.89

31.Tammaro, Gregory   Police Officer      $136,205.28   45,596.40

32.Rizzo, Daniel            Mayor                 $135,307.17

33.Macaskill, Leo          Police Officer      $134,354.99   57,083.60

34.Meier, Samantha      Principal             $134,006.44

35.Carey, Patricia          Police Sgt.           $133,992.76   13,410.60

36.Vadala, Joshua         Asst. Principal    $133,322.91

37.Jesoraldo,Vincent     Fire Captain       $132,900.10   10,649.50

38.Moccia, Edward       Principal             $132,337.06

39.Rich, Glen                Fire Dep. Chief   $132,108.94   8,879.50

40.Malone, Thomas      Police Sgt.           $131,497.55   24,701.80

41.Mitchell,Jonathan     Asst. Principal    $129,930.64

42.Flynn, Jamie             Principal             $129,930.64

43.Gennodie, Jodi         Principal             $129,161.64

44.Gallucci, Richard      Principal             $128,356.57

45.Nancy Martel           Asst. Principal    $127,299.03

46.Viviano, Michael      Fire Dep. Chief   $125,969.41

47.Porter, Christina       Director              $125,292.54

48.Cafarelli, John          Police Officer      $124,962.31   19,887.00

49.Herrera, Chase         Police Officer      $124,862.73   64,292.30

Name                            Position              Total Pay       Detail

50.Impemba, Robert     Police Sgt.           $124,792.28   168.00

51.Lauria, Andrew        Police Officer      $124,662.93   36,220.80

52.Ferrara, Jonathan     Bldg. Technolgy $124,050.61

53.Giampietro,Anthony                           Fire Dep. Chief    $123,567.52

54.Svendsen, Carl         Dir.Plant/Main.   $123,522.44

55.Sicuso, James           Year Round Dir. $123,110.67

56.Halcovich, Angela    Police Officer      $122,870.80   46,432.10

57.Goodwin, John         Police Lt.            $122,778.26

58.Cullen, James           Fire Dep. Chief   $122,741.96   3,548.25

59.Bruzzese, Stacey       Police Sgt.           $122,646.22   13,456.00

60.McLaughlin,Michael Police Lt.            $122,615.83

61.Fortuna, Robert        Fire Captain       $122,141.92   10,522.25

62.Zingali, Douglas       Police Officer      $121,610.44   33,033.00

63.Malfitano, Marc       Asst. Principal    $121,545.40

64.Morrissey, Robert    Fire Dep. Chief   $121,375.16

65.Costa, Matthew        Director              $121,024.14

66.Bruker, Kenneth       Police Officer      $120,906.44   27,514.20

67.Cella, Pamela            Asst. Principal    $118,923.71

68.Lessner, Keith          Police Officer      $118,868.14   45,726.20

69.Parsons, Steven        Fire Captain       $118,808.69   8,739.25

70.Napier, Percy           Principal             $118,361.60

71.Prizio, Thomas         Fire Captain       $118,260.43   5,869.75

72.Ford, Steven             Police Lt.            $118,066.66   2,368.80

73.Mogavero, Albert     Director              $117,908.97

74.Rose, James              Police Sgt.           $117,761.76   13,188.00

75.Lasala, Domenic       Fire Captain       $117,590.99

76.Trifkovic, Vedran     Police Officer      $117,441.77   44,584.20

77.Goodwin, Donald     Public Work Supt    $116,885.12

78.Mason, Michael        Police Sgt.           $115,704,90   6,022.80

79.Mannara, Franco      Police Officer      $115,462.27   23,209.10

80.Matthews, Sean        Police Officer      $114,561.12   38,907.50

81.Todisco, Thomas      Fire Captain       $114,394.91   1,232.00

82.Ferrante, Steven       Fire Captain       $114,389.30   164.00

83.Festa, John               Econ. Dev. Dir.   $113,420.43

84.Picardi, James          Police Sgt.           $113,278.54   2,037.00

85.Placeet, Joseph         Fire Lt.                $113,120.35   12,531.50

86.Crevoiserat, Paul      Police Officer      $113,029.29   22,209.60

87.Livote, Stacey           Dept. Head         $112,897.62

88.O’Hara, Amy           Police Lt.            $112,397.43   1,911.00

89.Millerick, Kevin        Police Lt.            $112,026.71

90.Magno, Steven         Dept. Head         $112,026.71

91.Caponigro, Lisa        Teacher               $111,964.62

92.Rockwood, Lena      Asst. Principal    $111,458.94

93.Pisano, Steven          Detective Coor.   $111,433.35

94.Theriault, Jessica      Director              $111,399.56   5,460.00

95.Mangino, Michelle    Police Lt.            $110,625.49

96.Fleming, John           Fire Captain       $110,581.06   1,232.00

97.Joaquim, Chris         Social Worker     $110,093.89

98.Ash, William            Deputy Director $109,722.02

99.Delaney, Beth           Teacher               $109,643.90

100.Picariello,Gerald     Fire Captain       $109,617.58

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