Mayor Brian Arrigo’s State of the City

Last week, Mayor Brian Arrigo laid out a bold and long-term plan for the City of Revere. The Mayor in particular emphasized his goal of making all of city government more transparent and is to be congratulated for undertaking changes in some of the employment practices for the City of Revere such as in the creation of a Human Resources Dept. and requiring a job description for every position. Making city workers more accountable for their jobs, especially when dealing with the issues from the perspective of the average citizen, is crucial.

No city or town is perfect. There will always be complaints about the workforce. While Revere has many dedicated city workers who do their jobs very well, the public perception often is reality — and that perception is that someone got their job more from whom they knew, rather than from what they know.

Mayor Arrigo stated that these hiring policies will change under his administration. However, as with any institutional change, it will take time. But having publicly stated that a problem exists and that steps are being taken to fix it, residents should give Mayor Arrigo some time. After all, as he pointed out, he has been on the job for only two months.

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