Thank You Senator Petruccelli

The news that our state senator, Anthony Petruccelli, has decided to resign from the Senate and take a position in the private sector, has caught residents of Revere by surprise.

Anthony has been an outstanding senator and Revere residents have been well represented by him on Beacon Hill. He has become a powerful legislator, rising to his current position as Majority Whip in the Senate.

Anthony’s colleagues in the state delegation, including Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo, and State Rep. RoseLee Vincent, hold the senator in high regard and have enjoyed working with him on issues that were important to Revere residents.

Anyone who has corresponded with or sought assistance from Sen. Petruccelli’s office knows that he and his staff were always responsive to their request. Anthony also attended as many Revere meetings and gatherings that his busy schedule allowed.

Anthony worked diligently on many issues that impacted the lives of Revere residents. He advocated for a Logan Health Study and air quality initiatives and was instrumental in the establishment of the Metropolitan Beach Commission. He fought for the protection of our environment and sought measures to improve the quality of life in Revere.

Since his election to the Senate, Anthony has become one of the most powerful and respected members of that esteemed body, and voters throughout the district have re-elected him with overwhelming support.

We thank Senator Anthony Petruccelli for all that he has done for Revere and his district and we wish him the best of luck as he begins the next chapter in his life.

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