Letters to the Editor

Setting the record straight

To the citizens of the City of Revere.

 I would like to take this opportunity to discuss some of the issues that have been brought to light as a result of this contentious mayoral election. At present there are some very senior and well known superior officers who would have you believe that the police department is in a state of despair as a result of a lack of leadership and the city is facing increased crime as a result of a lack of a dedicated drug unit.

Since taking the office of Chief of Police it has become readily apparent that the methods employed in the past were ineffective. The old model of Criminal Investigation assigned officers to clear cut scopes of work, with narcotics investigators doing drug work or gang investigators doing gang work. This method is not the most efficient way of conducting these types of investigations.

 We have found that investigators need to communicate and work together to build cases. This was not the case in the past. Previous members of the Detective bureau and drug unit did not communicate with each other. They could potentially be working on the same suspect but be unaware of it.

These same senior members of the police department were in charge of these investigative units and are advocating returning to the previous method of investigation. . They would have the public believe that the police department is ineffective and divided. I challenge anyone to compare the image and productivity of the police department as it stands today to where it was four years ago. I challenge anyone to compare the morale of the police department now to where it was four years ago. I challenge anyone to compare public perception of safety and quality of life now compared to four years ago.

My solution to this is simple. Please feel free to engage any of my officers at any time and ask them about how they feel working here. Talk to them on duty, at one of our Citizen Police Academies, at one of our Crime Watch meetings or at one of our Coffee With a Cop events. I think you will find the experience enlightening.  Or feel free to contact me anytime. Either in the station or on the street. Over the phone or in person. I think you will find that we have one of the best police departments around and will put the men and women of the Revere Police Department up against any other police department.

Chief Joseph A. Cafarelli

On Columbus Day Parade

Dear Editor:

Columbus sails to Revere for a great Columbus Day Parade celebration

Thanks to Mayor Dan Rizzo, his crew and everyone involved in organizing this historical Sea Faring Event. Mayor Rizzo, Navy Talk Please: Our great city of Revere is still sailing forward, sometimes on rough seas but with you at the helm we will stay on course.

Thanks to you Captain Rizzo and your crew who work on their posts with respect and dignity. Captain Rizzo, November 3rd our ship (Revere) will each port and tie up to the dock. You and your dedicated crew will go on a well deserved liberty and also receive campaign victory ribbons for good service.

We will be waiting at the dock to tie our ship (Revere) and salute you!

Stay on course!

Vincent F. Cammarata

Navy Veteran

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