Get Out and Vote

With Election Day less than a week away, voters are urged to get out and vote.  This year several contested races highlight the ballot.  Voters have many candidates to choose from including several new faces to the political landscape.  All these candidates have given countless hours and time away from their families to campaign and meet the voters bringing their message and vision for the City of Revere.  We hope that voters will make the extra 15 minutes on Tuesday to get to the polls and vote.

We at the Journal will not endorse any candidates as has been our custom in the past.  We have offered the pages in the newspaper to all candidates to write and explain their message.  In the last few weeks we have sponsored public forums for the candidates for both School Committee and City Councillor-at-Large.  This week, both Mayor Dan Rizzo and Councillor-at-Large Brian Arrigo have been asked about the three challenges that the City of Revere and the residents will face in the next four years.   We hope that the voters will read their responses.

The price for a democracy that must be paid by all eligible citizens is an understanding of the issues that are in their community and country and then vote for the candidate or candidates that come closest to their views.  In the pages of the Journal we have covered the issues and have presented to the residents the views of their elected officials as well as those seeking election.

Now it is up to the voters. With the election especially for Mayor so close, we urge as many voters as possible to get to the polls next Tuesday and exceed the projected voter turnout as every vote will make a difference on who will lead our City.

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