A New Day for Revere and Our Shared Vision Will Help Plan Revere’s Future

By Mayor Dan Rizzo

This campaign season has brought to every door what amounts to the oldest trick in the book. Political promises made by a candidate lacking a record to run on. Before voters go to the polls next week I am asking the voters to look around our city with me. I can’t help but notice the progress we have made together: A new school, new parks, new playgrounds, a brand new football stadium, and a new and rejuvenated Broadway paid for with one hundred percent (100%) grant money, not Revere tax dollars. I am proud to be a part of a new day for Revere. I am proud to have kept the promises I have made to you.

Today, I see a city that is safer today than it was four years ago. I promised to keep our residents safe and to do that we: added 19 new police officers, increased foot patrols, and added a new police substation on Broadway.

This was a promise I am proud to say I have kept.

Much has been made about our city’s finances and deservedly so. Regardless of what my opponent might say, the facts are hard to dispute.  I am proud to have brought my private sector experience to City Hall, and in doing so, have made city finances the strongest they’ve ever been.  In the last three years, we have doubled Revere’s rainy day fund, and achieved the highest bond rating in our City’s history. Last year, for the very first time, Revere received the “Distinguished Budget Presentation” award from the Government Finance Officers Association.

Our city’s budget is balanced, stronger than ever, and reflects our shared priorities. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can always trust the facts.

When I look at our school system, I am proud to say that Revere is leading the way. Revere High School was named Best Urban High School in America in 2014. Today, all Revere schools are recognized as in the top tier of schools in the Urban School District. We have also built a Brand new elementary school, a brand new Harry Della Russo football stadium, 2 new tennis courts, 2 new basketball courts, 4 refurbished playgrounds, and recently broke ground on 3 new little league fields behind St. Mary’s as well as Revere’s first ever Dog Park.

I see a Revere that is thriving and a great place to live, work, and raise a family. I see a glass that’s half full. The facts tell us all that the future of Revere is bright.

When I look at the jobs we are adding, I see a Revere that is attracting businesses who want to be a part of something special. We have created 400 new jobs by attracting new companies like Market Basket, Petco and Harley Davidson. Within the next few weeks we will be announcing a new long awaited hotel that will generate several hundred thousands of dollars in new commercial revenues annually.  Already, in just under 4 years, we  have generated over $1 million in new commercial tax revenues to help stabilize residential property rates.

I promised to prioritize new business and commercial growth, and we are now seeing the fruits of our labor.

Together, we have achieved great results for Revere. Crime is down, our schools are the best in the region, the city’s finances are the strongest they have ever been, and we are creating more jobs and opportunities than ever before.  But our work is not done. The status quo will never stand.  It’s a new day for Revere. With your continued support, we will create our shared vision that will help plan Revere’s future. On November 3rd I respectfully ask for your vote.

Dan Rizzo is the current Mayor of Revere.

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