Richard Gavegnano Is A True Success Story

Richard J. Gaveganano is a true American success story that began right in the East Boston community.

And Thursday night the East Boston Chamber of Commerce will present a special event, “Life on Neptune Road” in honor of Gavegnano, the chairman, chief executive officer, and president of the East Boston Savings Bank.

The many guests in attendance will enjoy and take pride in the story of this youth who grew up in a triple decker on Neptune Road, became chairman and CEO of East Boston Savings Bank and used his experience and expertise to grow the bank in to $3.3 billion financial institution.

Gavegnano will no doubt delight the audience, especially current and former East Boston residents, with his reminiscing about what life was like growing up in East Boston in the 1950s.

He will relate his childhood experiences on Neptune Road that set the foundation to the successful career that he has carved out as the leader of the East Boston Savings Bank.

Through all his successes and his achievements, Gavegnano has never forgotten his East Boston roots. He is a highly visible business leader who attends numerous local events and contributes to many organizations. We see members of his leadership team and other bank employees at East Boston social events throughout the year contributing their time and energy as well.

We agree with the words of Chamber of Commerce president Scott Heigelman that “Dick Gavegnano is a true visionary whose contributions to the cultural and economic prosperity of East Boston are remarkable and innumerable.”

And as was written in Lisa M. Kornachuk’s beautiful story that encapsulated the essence and character of Richard Gavegnano, “his involvement and contributions are felt throughout his hometown community.”

Congratulations, Mr. Gavegnano, on your success in the financial industry and we look forward to hearing your words of wisdom and your remembrances of East Boston at Thursday’s special gathering and much-deserved tribute.

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