Lending a Hand in Competition

It’s the kind of thing one sees on television – usually acted out by actors in a sentimental nod to the human bond.

The athlete helping the other athlete at the cost of their performance; a handicapped athlete lending a hand to another who has fallen.

However, a Rumney Marsh Middle Schooler, Erica Anderson, needed no acting to display a great piece of sportsmanship last week in a cross-country meet in Lynn.

As was told to the Journal, Anderson noticed a handicapped athlete had gotten lost on the course, which winds through a heavily wooded area. Anderson stopped her race and went to find the handicapped athlete and bring her back on course.

Naturally, this came to her detriment when one considers that she added crucial minutes to her final time and probably sacrificed a top finish to lend a hand.

In such cases, first place finishes and record times don’t matter if one were to continue on and leave a person in need behind.

Erica Anderson was the winner in that meet last week, in our opinion, even though she didn’t finish in the top 10.

With the entire world willing to make such personal sacrifices, perhaps we’d not be in many of the messes which we find ourselves.

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