We Need a Comprehensive Planning Process

Last September, I proposed the idea of an inclusive and comprehensive planning process. The rationale behind this idea was to get people thinking past the next election and to map out a way to make Revere a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Without a full and transparent process, including significant input from residents, we will continue to make politically motivated decisions and leave the city at the mercy of the Good Ol’ Boys Network. This is exactly what is happening with Mayor Dan Rizzo’s sudden call for a moratorium on residential development.

Rizzo was for more residential development until he was against it. Four months ago, at his Plan Revere kick-off meeting Dan Rizzo said he wanted to see thousands more residential units in Revere. Just one month ago, he was “excited that developers are putting together a strong proposal for the Shaw’s site” – the proposal was for 301 rental units with no commercial component.

The timing is dubious to say the least. It appears that Rizzo’s method of proven leadership is to put his finger up in the air to see which direction the wind is blowing. He is now blatantly pandering to the same residents he has not been listening to for the last four years. I know you can see right through the empty promises.

The fact is, right now in City Hall there is no vision, there is no plan and there is no listening. This is about a politician and politics from a bygone era, doing and saying whatever it takes to stay in power for himself and for his Good Ol’ Boys Network.

Revere deserves better. Revere deserves honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Revere deserves leadership.

Brian Arrigo is a current Revere City Councillor at-Large and is a candidate for the Office of Mayor.

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