Letters to the Editor

We must take a look att new residential construction

Dear Editor:

Now more than ever we need to take a serious look at the explosion of
residential construction in the City of Revere.

Additionally, I feel a
 need to impose a residential construction Moratorium that does not
 effect the average homeowner and studies the effect of large-scale
 residential projects on our city. 
 Currently 231 units at Rumney Flats, 900 units at Waterfront Square, 100
 units at Wonderland Ballroom, 34 units at the Batmasian project on Revere Beach
 Boulevard, and construction on 20 units at Washington Avenue are all
 either permitted, for sale or in the building phase of their
 developments. This is a total of 1,265 units. 
The proposed development of a 300-unit complex at the old Shaw’s site
 and the possible development of 90 units at Luigi’s, which abuts
 Beachmont Station, will only add to the problems of a stressed
 infrastructure on Revere Beach Parkway where water mains seem to be
 broken more often than not.

Moreover, the traffic within Revere’s urban
 ring is so congested as it is. Adding 700 new cars to the area is on
 top of the projected 2,000 cars coming from current development is only 
asking for more chaos. 
Likewise, these developments will increase the pressure on our
 education infrastructure. Considering classrooms are tight as it is, and
 as we add more residential units to our community profile, we will 
surely increase the number of children absorbed into an already taxed
 school system. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education reports Revere’s 2013 education
 budget was close to $100,000,000 and our per pupil expenditure was

These units will have a clear economic consequence to them as
 well. Frankly, our seniors can’t afford the increase in taxes and the
 Water and Sewer rate currently. By adding more residential units, our seniors and families will
 ultimately have to pay for all the direct and indirect consequence of
these large-scale apartment complexes. Likewise by opening up
 commercial space for residential use, you decrease available land area
 to forward commercial development in the city as well as open up legal
 precedent to build large-scale 1,000-unit-plus residential projects in Suffolk
 Downs and Wonderland Dog Track.

Some of my detractors may disagree with me, and others will just
 outright lie so that the status quo and politically connected can 
financially benefit on the backs of our seniors and families. However, in a recent poll, over 94 percent of respondent agreed with a Moratorium on apartment complex construction. That’s why 
I firmly believe we need a three-year Residential Construction Moratorium
 while providing relief to the average homeowner in Revere.

After all folks, I work for you, not them.

George Rotondo

Candidate, City Council at-Large

New balls fields in Ward Six are a reality

Dear Editor:

Mayor Dan Rizzo thanks to you and your administration Ward Six is getting new ball fields. Thanks from St. Mary’s Parish. We feel that more boys and girls on the new fields may bring more people to our wonderful St. Mary’s Parish. On a personal vote I have such strong feelings about St. Mary’s ball fields because my three grandsons literally grew up playing baseball on that field and went on to be outstanding athletes in high school and college.

Again, Mr. Mayor thanks to you, your administration and the city council. A special Thank You to our Ward Six Councilor Charlie Patch. I would like to personally extend my gratitude to Charlie who has a red phone line to answer calls from his constituents; I personally have him on my speed dial. Thanks Charlie for always answering.

I must say West Revere will be  Best Revere!

Vincent F. Cammarata

Lifelong Revere Resident

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