10 Council Candidates Advance to November

Councilor-at-Large Jessica Ann Giannino emerged as the top vote getter in the Preliminary Election for Councilor-at-Large held Tuesday in Revere.

Giannino, who topped the ticket in the last Councilor-at-Large general election in 2013, received 2,660 votes to finish atop the 12-candidate field while former councilor at-large George Rotondo finished second with 2,487.

The other incumbent councilors-at-large, Robert Haas Jr., Steve Morabito  and Anthony Zambuto, also received nominations in Tuesday’s election. Councilor-at-Large Brian Arrigo is seeking election as Mayor. He earned a nomination for the General Election in the mayoral contest Tuesday.

Other candidates receiving nominations to appear on the ballot in the General Election on Nov. 3 were John Correggio, Matthew Amato, Michael Falzone, Priscilla Nickerson, and Ed O’Hara.

Candidates Francis Sarro and Catherine Belinfante Penn did not qualify for the General Election.

The top ten finishers will appear on the General Election ballot in November.

The vote totals were as follows:

Francis Sarro             781

* Ed O’Hara              992

Catherine Penn          734

* John R. Correggio   1,648

* Priscilla Nickerson  1,234

* Steven Morabito      2,004

* Robert J. Haas Jr.    2,280

* Matthew Amato      1,441

*Jessica Giannino       2,660

* George J. Rotondo  2,487

* Michael Falzone      945

* Anthony Zambuto   1,978


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