Unprovoked Attack on Officers Leads to Arrest of Wakefield Man

Multiple police officers were injured in an unprovoked attack early on Tuesday morning when a Wakefield man attacked two officers and injured more at the Station during booking.

The incident was loosely tied to the events in Ferguson, MO – as the suspect said he believed he was being stopped because of the events there. However, he was never stopped by police.

Revere Police said that around 12:40 a.m., Lt. Jeremiah Goodwin and Officer Danny Rosenthal were working a detail on the Parkway near Mill Street for a utility crew that was doing pole work. As crews began picking up cones, Goodwin was directing traffic into one lane.

At that point, the suspect – a white male – pulled up with two passengers – both black males – and began to confront Goodwin. He allegedly seemed to think he was being stopped by the officer, and indicated that he knew why he was being stopped. He said he believed it was because of Ferguson.

He stopped the vehicle and exited it and began to shout and scream expletives. During that tirade, he punched Goodwin in the head, knocking the officer to the ground. The fall caused Goodwin to hit his head on the pavement, knocking him out and giving him a concussion.

As his two friends tried to restrain him from doing anything further, the suspect – Joseph Parker, 34, of Wakefield – began to go after Officer Rosenthal, who was calling for assistance and checking on Goodwin.

Goodwin regained consciousness a short time later and was transported to Mass General Hospital for treatment of a concussion.

Three more officers responded to the scene and attempted to arrest Parker. He resisted and, once in the cruiser, he allegedly kicked out the rear window and tried to kick out the grate separating the front and back seats.

Officers removed him from the cruiser and calmed him down, but when they tried to place him into the cruiser again, he began kicking them. One officer used his Taser to subdue him, and Parker was eventually subdued.

However, once at the station, he allegedly began his violent behavior again.

When he was read his Miranda rights, he recited them along with the officers. When officers began to escort him to the lockup, however, he became incensed.

“What the [expletive] are you talking about?” he asked, gesturing to the exit. “I’m walking out that door.”

Parker allegedly backed into a corner, crouched into a boxer’s stance, and raised his fists, challenging the officers to fight him. As several officers attempted to calm him down, Officer Dennis Hickey walked into the room to assist and Parker allegedly rushed him and punched him in the face. This led to another struggle in which Officer Joe Singer seriously hurt his knee, requiring treatment at MGH. Three others suffered cuts and abrasions. The metal detector in the booking room was knocked to the ground and damaged during the incident. Parker was finally handcuffed and secured in a cell.

The booking photo of Joseph Parker, 34, of Wakefield, who assaulted officers Tuesday morning what is believed to be an unprovoked attack.

The booking photo of Joseph Parker, 34, of Wakefield, who assaulted officers Tuesday morning what is believed to be an unprovoked attack.

Parker was represented today by attorney Daniel Fitzgerald. He will return to court on Sept. 15.

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